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How to Live A Healthy Lifestyle

There is a lot being said by health experts these days about how to live a healthy lifestyle, but what exactly do those words mean?

Some attributes of leading a healthy lifestyle are generally well known in that a healthy person doesn’t smoke, drinks alcohol in moderation, is not overweight, keeps to a healthy nutritious diet and exercises to keep fit. It sounds easy enough but there is more to it than that.

how to live a healthy lifestyle












How to live a healthy lifestyle may only involve a few simple healthy changes to your life such as these:-

You can make small changes to diet such as adding fruit and nuts to your cereal breakfast, keeping yourself properly hydrated during the day by drinking several glasses of water – just a few simple ways you can start living healthy without making major changes to your daily routine.

Lack of activity is one of the major health problems in the western world. It is common knowledge that exercise is good for all of us but many avoid it either because they are used to a sedentary lifestyle or afraid that exercise has to be very energetic for any health benefits to be achieved. In reality however, movement is movement and the more body activity you do, the healthier you will be. Simple everyday moderate activities like household chores, walking and gardening can make a huge difference.

Here are some of the health benefits you can achieve by being active in your life:

Reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes
Improved joint stability
Increased and improved range of movement
Helps maintain flexibility as you age
Maintains bone mass
Prevents osteoporosis and fractures
Improves mood and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression
Enhances self esteem
Improves memory in elderly people
Reduces stress

For those wishing to enjoy a healthy lifestyle I have included below pictures from my Pinterest account which details advice I am giving to my readers. Click HERE  for details.

Click HERE for pictures of my favorite foods that I eat to help me enjoy a healthy diet and a ‘ healthy lifestyle ‘:-

I have included some very useful health advice charts which provide some great tips on proper nutrition and exercise which should help people lead a healthy lifestyle. Check these out HERE

jk1Keep fit and enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

James Kelly

High Wycombe, Western Australia,6057


Obesity Prevention – Why are young people fatter than ever?

It is unfortunately a common sight these days to see young people who should generally be in the peak of good health carrying excessive amounts of fat on their bodies which will ultimately cause them lots of health problems. As a West Australian I see this every day in this country both in children and young adults. So why are young people fatter than ever compared with youngsters in previous decades and why do we need health guidelines for obesity prevention?obesity prevention

Research details from Western Australia

Reports recently released in Western Australia has revealed that WA has the most overweight and obese young adults in Australia with almost half of West Australian in the 18-24 age group being overweight. One report shows that 25% more young WA people are in the unhealthy weight range than 4 years ago and are getting more fatter than ever. Unfortunately this disturbing trend is not confined to this country only and is prevalent in many countries in the western world.

Public health experts in WA warn that the generational glut of fat people will strain the health system as they get older and stack on more kilos and suggest a junk food tax to fund education in proper nutrition pointing out that obesity today means diabetes, heart disease and cancer tomorrow. It was further pointed out that obesity was a bigger problem in WA partly because of our ‘drive everywhere’ culture and with so many young people being cashed up because of the recent mining boom here. These young affluent people were generally the ones who did not like cooking proper nutritional meals and they resorted to quick takeaway junk food diets.  The president of the Australian Medical Association stated that the increased figures were disappointing but that young people were still able to change their lifestyles and that they needed to spend more time exercising and undertaking healthy living as an aid to obesity prevention.

Obesity Prevention -reasons why children and young people are fatter than ever

1. Huge increases over the years in the opening of fast food restaurants and convenient foods takeaway outlets.

2. Extensive media marketing of  fast food to children and young adults.

3. An increase in the consumption of highly processed foods, very high in fat,salt and sugar.

4. Sedentary lifestyles where children are driven to school instead of walking, play computer games instead of physical sporting activities.

5. Reduction in the number of school physical education programs.

6.  Parents keeping their children indoors more for security reasons.

7. Lunch packs for children often don’t contain proper nutritious food.

8. Too much choice in entertainment on TV channels causing people to stay at home, rather than go out.

9. Too many energy dense foods and drinks containing excessive levels of sugar and caffeine.

10. School canteens not providing enough nutritious foods and drinks for children.

Obesity Health Risks

  • Raised body weight puts strain on the body’s joints, especially the knees, increasing the risk of osteoarthritis.
  • Increases the risks of getting high blood pressure which can cause heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.
  • Excess body fat can lead to getting type 2 diabetes.
  • The risk of several cancers is higher in obese people.


There is no doubt that if people are to avoid being fatter than ever and getting what is often preventable diseases they need to take stock of their current eating and other lifestyle habits and assess what changes they need to make to them ror obesity prevention to regain a lean and healthy body. For those who need help in determining what is an effective combined diet and exercise program for their personal needs I would suggest that you read the following report on the dangers of excess abdominal fat which also offers a very practical effective solution for people who have difficulty in losing fat. I am strongly of the belief that this report has to be seen by everyone that cares about their health and that of their family and friends and who really want to finally fully understand proper nutrition and how to get a lean and healthy body for life.

I loved reading the report on obesity prevention and I know you will also…




jk1Keep fit and enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

James Kelly

High Wycombe, Western Australia,6057


Body Toning Exercises For Fitness

Many people these days are concerned with their body shape and don’t like what they see in the mirror! ”You really need ‘body toning‘ is the advice frequently given to them by well meaning friends. However to get a well defined, trim looking body will involve you in an exercise workout program which should be carried out in conjunction with diet as the object is to lose body fat and gain lean muscle through regular cardiovascular exercise, consistent strength training for all your muscle groups and a healthy, low-calorie diet.

No time for a full workout? No problem! Just do two minute intervals of these do-anywhere exercises of  ‘body toning’ throughout the day.


1. Raised Push-Ups

body toningWhy? To tone up your body target the chest, arms and body core, and can be be done anywhere.

How? Throughout the day, be on the lookout for good push-up spots. It might be the front of a chair, a park bench or a low, secure fence.Stay on the balls of your feet, hands just wider than shoulder-width apart, and lower your chest to the object. Lightly touch it and then rise.

Sets and reps: 8-15 reps, 3-5 times a day.





2. Step-Ups

Why? These are great for every muscle in the legs and are also a good way of getting your heart rate up.body toning

How? Throughout the day, look for low steps or benches that are about knee height. Step up onto the bench with one leg, then down again. Then repeat on the other leg.

Sets and reps: to tone up your body20-30 reps each time you see an appropriate step.








3. Body Core Breaths

Why? Train the core muscles in a different way to the plank ( below ) in order to tone up the body.

How? Sit on a chair without back support. Sit tall and lengthen the gap between your bellybutton and sternum, and imagine you have an apple between your chin and chest. Throughout the day, whenever you’re seated and focusing on these posture cues, lean your torso back about ten degrees. you’ll feel your core muscles grip and it will be difficult to maintain the posture. That’s the challenge! Hold for three breaths, then sit up.

Sets and reps: 5-10 reps, 3-5 times a day.


4. Squats

body toningWhy? You get the best results to tone up your body from doing exercises that target your biggest muscles. The squat targets all the big lower-body muscles.

How? Throughout the day, whenever you see a chair, a bench or anything else that you’re supposed to sit on, perform a squat. Facing away from the chair, with the back of your legs about 20cm away, squat so your butt touches the chair lightly, then stand up.

Sets and reps: 8-15 reps, 3-5 times a day






5. Plank

body toningWhy?  A great do-anywhere exercise to for body toning that teaches your core muscles to engage.

How? Try it on your forearms and feet first. If you can’t maintain the posture, raise the the surface where you rest your arms. Make sure your hips don’t sag, your butt is not up in the air, your chest is over your hands, your neck is long and you squeeze your core muscles.

Sets and reps: 8-15 reps, 3-5 times a day.




As a proper diet combined with the above exercises is strongly recommended for body toning check out the following video  which will give you useful healthy eating tips to complement your exercise program.


jk1Keep fit and enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

James Kelly

High Wycombe, Western Australia,6057