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Athletic Body With This Heart Pounding Cardio Workout

Well the first 3 months of 2013 are over and the problem that remains for many of us is that we over indulged during the previous Christmas, New Year and Easter holidays by eating far too much chocolate, rich cake and other sugar laden foods and drinking lots of alcohol and as a consequence stacked on the weight. Unfortunately we are now faced with a dilemma on how to get rid of all that excess weight and try to get an athletic looking body. The sensible solution for most of us will be to adopt a sensible nutritious diet combined with exercise and this article will deal with the exercise aspect of how to get an ‘athletic body‘ with the following energetic cardio workout devised by fitness coach Eddie Lomax.

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Coach Eddie Lomax, Author of the Athletic Body Workout was recently interviewed on a Health and Fitness Blog. In the interview, Coach Lomax revealed his top secrets for losing fat and building lean muscle mass while still boosting athletic performance. Read the transcript below:


 An Athletic Body Workout for Men and Women: Interview with Coach Eddie Lomax   

Parth – Hey Coach, Glad to have you back again. So, whats Athletic Body Workout all about?

Coach Lomax – When most people decide to workout it is because they want to change the way they look. They usually want to lose fat and gain muscle. And traditionally, when asked to pick the type of body they want, they usually use some type of athlete to describe the body they want.

Most people want the strong, lean, athletic body type. And the best way to build an athletic body is to train more like an athlete and less like a gym rat. The Athletic Body Workout is designed to train you like an athlete, so you can build the athletic body you want.

Parth – Awesome. Well, what are the benefits of combining Barbell, Dumbbell, and Bodyweight workouts within one program?
Coach Lomax – Exercise is about movement…both the movement of your own body, as well as the movement of objects. So, to train your body for all these types of movements you need to use different “tools”. Bodyweight for the movement of your own body. Barbells for the movement of an external object with both limbs. Dumbbells for the movement of external objects with either one limb or in alternating fashion.

Using bodyweight, barbells and dumbbells not only trains your body to perform these movements better…but build athletic muscle and burns fat as well. You not only improve your athletic skills, but your athletic appearance as well.

Parth – Makes sense. Is Athletic Body Workout similar to your previous workouts? What is the main difference?

Coach Lomax – Previous workouts were Workout Without Weights and Superior Dumbbell Workout. Besides the obvious difference of combining bodyweight, dumbbell and barbells, the workout structure is completely different. You rotate between General Fitness, Fat Loss, and Strength & Size workouts to keep you on a steady path of building your athletic abilities and athletic body.

Workouts I did after this like the Ultimate Gymless Workout, Extreme Dumbbell Fitness and Gladiator Body Workout use this similar system because it works so well…and keeps you from getting bored.

Parth – You talk briefly about nutrition in Athletic Body Workout. Can you elaborate on what you feel are some optimal nutritional strategies for the average trainee?

Coach Lomax – For the average trainee, you don’t need to worry about supplements or complex eating strategies. But you should clean up your diet. In my opinion, most people already know how to eat correctly…they just don’t. What is better for you, an apple or a cookie? I bet you already know the answer, right?

I would start to write down everything you eat for a week. Then take a look at it in writing. You’ll quickly be able to pick out your problem areas and clean up your diet. Remember, you need fuel to build an athletic body and give your all during the workouts…so give your body good, healthy food.


Parth – In your previous workouts, the cardio was intertwined with the strength workouts. Do you follow the same strategy with the Athletic Body Workout?
Coach Lomax – Yes, this is a big part of Athletic Body Workout. Just think about it, most athletic activities combine strength and cardio at the same time. The only exceptions are sports that focus on only one physical attribute, like powerlifting. You need to have the strength to perform the activities AND the heart and lung power to sustain the activity. You perform how you train…so you must train both strength and cardio at the same time.

There are GPP workouts sprinkled through the workout programs. This is for General Physical Preparedness. They are a lot of fun and give a lot of benefits…as well as challenge both strength and endurance at the same time.

Parth – How would a complete beginner go about achieving a more athletic physique?

Coach Lomax – Stop training like a bodybuilder and start training like an athlete. By that I mean throw away all those split routine workouts and “isolation” exercises and start using Full Body Workouts with compound exercises. The object of an athletic body is not to maximize the size of each muscle, but to build athletic muscle and a strong body that works together. Plus, you need to start to blurr the lines between strength training and endurance training. Doing biceps curls and jogging for 20 minutes is not going to build an athletic body no matter how much you do it.

If you get the Athletic Body Workout, start with the General Fitness Workout. You’ll probably realize you are not as fit as you think you are.

Parth – Is the Athletic Body Workout for Men Only?

Coach Lomax – No. The Athletic Body Workout is for women as well. However, if women feel uncomfortable using barbells, they can stick to dumbbells for those exercises. Both men and women can benefit greatly from this type of athletic workouts.

Parth – As in all your other workouts, does this one come with templates?

Coach Lomax – Of course. I am big on having workout journal sheets so you can document your progress. Getting an athletic body is a journey…and like any worthwhile journey, it should be documented. The journal sheets are printable so you can use them over and over again.

Thanks for talking with me again, Coach.




Coach Eddie Lomax is a well know fitness coach and author of the Ultimate Gymless Workout Workout. Learn how he combines bodyweight exercises and dumbbell exercise for group4_1extraordinary fitness, fat loss and muscle building benefits here on ULTIMATE GYMLESS WORKOUT

Join Meditation Center And Learn Right Meditation Process

Want to learn meditation? Then you should join a meditation center right away because it will facilitate you to master meditation process in the right way. Each meditation center has its own philosophy of how to go about undertaking meditation. Meditation process involves focusing one’s mental attention towards a single point to fight the thoughts which causes the mind to drift away.

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Meditation process teaches you various techniques by which you can overcome stress and get necessary relaxation. There are many people who are interested in learning about meditation and meditation center offers them a helping hand which enables them to gain an insight about meditation in a much better way. Haridwar, Rishikesh and Varanasi are some of the places in India where tourists from all over the world visit and get themselves enrolled in their training centers which will train them on finer aspects of meditation.

You will be benefited by joining these institutes because they will enable you to experience the truth and enhance your mental and physical strength. You will be achieving a holistic health when you regularly practice meditation at these learning centers. These institutes follows authentic methods of meditation based on the theories of Kundalini yoga, Sahaja yoga, Jnana yoga and Raja yoga.

Meditation center in India is guided by the Buddhist meditation theory which is concerned with transforming the mind and also using it to explore itself. You will be surprised to know that there are some centers in India which offers these classes free of cost and people from all over the world visit these institutes every year for experiencing purity of inner soul and mind. Some of the best known institutes are well known for providing you with best faculties, assistance and teaching process which is why they are very popular among masses. So, just locate these centers and start your camps which will enable you to gain a blissful experience.

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So how does the meditation process work for you?

Meditation process enables the practitioners to focus on the present moment without worrying about the unchangeable past and undetermined future. You may be wondering how does meditation work? Well, if practiced regularly for at least 15-20 minutes twice a day will go a long way in producing widespread positive effects on both the body and mind. You will notice that when you first begin to meditate you will realize the condition of your mind and how cluttered it is. You may find that it is difficult to concentrate initially but with regular practice you are able to tame your mind and concentrate. You can enhance your concentration by using a candle flame. Just try to concentrate on one point and block all other thoughts. Learning a mantra is also very useful for concentration and focusing. You can also try out breathing meditation technique which helps to reduce distractions which will greatly aid your concentration. Breathing meditation makes your mind very lucid. You are required to sit in a comfortable position, keep your eyes closed and concentrate on your breathing. Your back should be straight all the while and you should breathe in a natural way using your nostrils. You should focus on your breathing and resist your other thoughts.
So, just practice meditation and reap its rich benefits for enjoying a perfect life.

Author Bio:
The writer of this article runs a ‘meditation center‘ which has benefited many students to learn the meditation process in the right way. He highlights the fact that meditation center helps you to achieve holistic health because they teach you authentic methods of meditation.