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Is your baby bump affecting vision? How pregnancy affects eyesight.

Does it seem like you are holding that “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book a little closer than usual? You’re probably not imagining it. Pregnancy affects eyesight in several different ways. A combination of increased blood circulation, changes in metabolism, hormones, and even fluid retention can cause a variety of vision complaints from dry eyes to blurred vision. So what can you expect with your vision when you’re expecting? There are a few common symptoms and problems you might encounter throughout your pregnancy. Fortunately, most of them are temporary and easy to treat, but it helps to know what to look for as well as common causes.
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How pregnancy affects eyesight and what visions changes can I expect?

While some issues are more common than others, you might experience a number of them or none at all. Most of these vision problems are very minor, with simple over-the-counter remedies. These include:

Dry, itchy eyes.

Usually caused by fluctuating hormone levels that decrease tear production, sufferers might also experience a burning or gritty sensation in their eyes. These issues can affect contact lens wearers, who find their lenses are not as comfortable as usual. If contact lenses are too irritating, switching to glasses is a simple way to relieve your discomfort.

Blurry vision.

The same fluid retention that gives you thick ankles and overall bloating can thicken the cornea and change the fluid pressure inside your eyes. These are common causes of blurred vision during pregnancy, but it can also be a sign of pregnancy-induced hypertension so it is important to mention this and any vision changes to your doctor and eye care professional.

What if I have prescription lenses?

While not common, eye problems in pregnancy can actually affect vision to the degree that your current prescription is just not strong enough. If you wear prescription lenses and find yourself suddenly squinting to read or see, you might need a new prescription. Changes can be permanent, but sometimes you can go back to your usual prescription once your body normalizes post-pregnancy. See your eye care specialist if you are concerned about how pregnancy affects eyesight and let them know what specific problems you are experiencing.

Can pregnancy affect my Lasik procedure?

Because pregnancy can affect the actual structure of the eye, you might experience changes in your vision even after a LASIK procedure. In fact, LASIK is not recommended within 6 months of pregnancy specifically because of these possible changes. If you have undergone LASIK and notice changes to your sight during pregnancy, consult your LASIK eye care professional.

In most cases, vision and eye issues during pregnancy are both minor and temporary, but it is always important to maintain eye health. Discuss any changes with your health care provider and make an appointment with your eye care professional.