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How To Get Rid Of Flu Fast

You’re sniffly, you’re sneezing, you can’t decide whether you are hot or you’re cold, your throat feels like sandpaper, you’ve got the dreaded flu. It comes around like clockwork every year and it isn’t pleasant, but it’s manageable. There a few natural ways on how to get rid of flu fast and get back to work or school without missing too much of the important stuff

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Here are a few tips on how to get rid of flu fast:-


It’s extremely important to keep hydrated while you have the flu. When you have a cold or the flu, your body loses a lot of water through runny noses and sweating so drink enough water to replenish what your body has lost. Your body will fight off the infection quicker, too, when you’re drinking more fluids.

( a ) Water

If you’re struggling with mucus from a cough or congestion, water could help relieve you from the amount of mucus at the back of your throat. At the end of the day, water is the best thing you could do for your flu, but other fluids are great and help ease the flu also.

( b ) Ginger Ale 

Ginger is known to ease nausea and digestive issues. It has antibacterial properties, which is one of the reasons it is good for the flu.

( c ) Honey & Lemon Tea

Honey & lemon tea is great! It soothes a sore throat, honey will boost your energy, the lemon will help clean up your digestive system and will loosen constipation.

It’s extremely important to keep hydrated while you have the flu. When you have a cold or the flu, your body loses a lot of water through runny noses and sweating so drink enough water to replenish what your body has lost. Your body will fight off the infection quicker, too, when you’re drinking more fluids which is one of the major keys on how to get rid of flu fast.


2. Chicken Soup

This isn’t just an old myth that your grandma used to tell you. Chicken soup has been proven to aid the symptoms of a cold and flu. Research is being done to find out exactly why, but chicken soup is good for a cold/flu. Maybe it’s the heat as hot fluids help relieve mucus. Whatever it is, chicken soup really is good for the soul.


3. Vitamin C

 Vitamin C is a vital vitamin in keeping your body strong and healthy. There’s not strong research that suggests that vitamin C will stop you from getting the flu or the common cold, but there is research that suggests taking vitamin C could ease the symptoms and possibly shorten the time period of being laid up.

Vitamin C can be found in orange juice, citrus fruits, pepper and kiwi.


 4. Relax

Rest up. Nobody is superhuman and if you don’t feel well, don’t force your body to do things that it’s not in the mood to do.

You will find yourself feeling better quicker when you’re resting, warm and away from everybody else. It’s okay to take a few days off! Put all your energy onto getting better, not doing work.

And – while you are resting up away from colleagues, you won’t have the chance to spread your germs anywhere else.


5. Steam

 Fill up a bowl full of hot water and place a towel over your head and breathe in the steam. This loosens up mucus and breaks up any congestion.

 If you don’t like the sound of this, take a long hot shower and the steam from that will also do the job. This will unblock your nose and make it easier for you to breathe through your nose.


 6. Extra Pillows

 You need plenty of rest and sleep when you’re bunged up with a cold or flu. Your body heals quicker when you’re asleep, but lying down can make you feel worse and that can lead to a restless night. Adding an extra pillow or two to keep your head elevated can help relieve this. It  might not be the most comfortable way to sleep, but it might just help you breathe easier at night.


7. Over The Counter

If you don’t feel any better or you want something stronger, head to your pharmacy to talk to the pharmacist about any over the counter medicine that might help ease your pain and symptoms.



Nobody enjoys the symptoms of the flu! Give your body the chance to relax and focus on getting better. Take a break, make a cup decaffeinated tea, eat healthily and drink lots of water. Simple remedies on how to get rid of flu fast. However if symptoms persist, head to your local GP and discuss it to see if it’s allergies or something else that might need treating.


James Kelly

High Wycombe, Western Australia, 6057


Avoid Acid Reflux Naturally With Change of Diet.

It is also known as acid indigestion or heartburn. It is also often called pyrosis. The main reason this happens is when some of the acidic stomach contents go back up into the esophagus. The major symptom of an acid reflux is that a burning pain is felt in the lower chest area. It often happens after eating. The burning pain can be severe or normal.The first symptom is of severe heartburn. It is a real discomfort. It happens in the esophagus and is felt behind the breastbone area. It slowly and gradually tends to worsen when someone lies down or bends over. This burning pain can last for several hours. This can also worsen after eating. and can cause more issues if not controlled within a time limit. So how does one avoid acid reflux?

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This disease can easily be controlled by diet and a little bit change in your lifestyle. It’s not that difficult for a good and healthy living.

Here are some pointers to get started to avoid acid reflux;

All you have to start is to ignore high fat and low protein diets. Prefer low fat diets. This will help a lot in minimizing the issue of acid reflux. Another point to be taken under consideration is that divides your meal portions into smaller ones. Eat often times in a day but with smaller proportions. This helps your stomach from getting too heavy and full. Remember not to get your stomach filled up. Go easy on your stomach and you yourself will feel the change. You will feel comfortable and easy. Stop eating before you get too full.

Let’s move on to the drinkables. Because there are many drinkables that worsen the burning pain of an acid reflux as they are too hot by nature. Many of them are listed below;

  1. Coffee or tea
  2. Fizzy drinks or any drink that has caffeine in it
  3. Fruits that contain citrus in it like oranges and lemons
  4. Any of those products that contain tomatoes like tomato sauce and salsa
  5. Peppermint or mint
  6. Chocolate
  7. Garlic and onion
  8. Spicy or fatty foods like curry or chilli.

It is a lot better to avoid these above listed things as much as you can. Some other useful points are that don’t ever eat 2-3 hours before lying down. You can keep your stomach contents down to avoid acid reflux also. All you have to do is to put some blocks under the head of your bed to rise to 4-6 inches.

avoid acid reflux

Some more common ways to avoid acid reflux are to loosen up. Stop wearing tight clothes. Let your jeans loosen up so that they don’t make your stomach tighten up. This can also cause acid reflux and the burning pain. And if you are overweight, don’t forget to have a walk everyday to lose some of the weight. It’s time to maintain your weight according to your height to avoid heartburns.

It’s time to make change. Stop smoking and blend into the above listed ideas for a better and healthy living.

If you need further more detailed advice on how to avoid acid reflux there are some great books currently available on the Internet which give really useful information on this subject. The ones that I recommend are as follows:-




James Kelly

High Wycombe, Western Australia, 6057