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How to Lose Weight Fast by Drinking Water?

There are so many things people do in order to lose weight. This goes from working out vigorously to consuming all sorts of supplements and fat-burners. However, most of these methods create the so called yo-yo effect, which tends to backfire as soon as you abandon these practices. In order to really change your body, you need to remodel your lifestyle. This consists of changing things as simple as your sleeping schedule or how much water you drink daily. In fact, there are many well founded theories that speak about how drinking water may help you lose weight quite efficiently. Here are a few thoughts on the topic of how to lose weight fast by drinking water.

lose weight fast by drinking water


Reducing Appetite

The way our body works is quite mysterious. When we grow hungry, our alarms go off, and the similar happens when we are dehydrated. Unfortunately, sometimes our body gets quite confused and misinterprets the idea of being thirsty as being thirsty and hungry at the same time. Because of this, drinking water before every meal, has a prospect of suppressing our appetite. In a research from 2010, it has been noted that water consumption has a positive effect on weight loss during a hypocaloric diet intervention. In other words, people who drink right before the meal tend to lose more weight than those who don’t.


Resting Energy Expenditure

When it comes to drinking water and losing weight, even the temperature of the water you consume counts. Drinking cold water will make your organism work extra hard in order to warm it up to your body temperature. This means that even while you are in the state of complete rest, your metabolism burns calories. Sure, this may not seem as much but for those who are in this for the long run every bit counts. Plus, when you add this to all your other fat burning habits like training and dieting what you get is a quite formidable weight loss aid.


Water as Alternative

So far, we discussed ways in which water directly influences calorie-burning in your organism, however, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Indirectly, situation is even much more extreme. For example, a lot of people think that being on a diet means being careful about what is on your plate. Still, most of them are completely unaware that what is in their cup matters even more. Sodas and other soft drinks are filled with sugar and other substances that can make you gain weight. The rabbit hole goes even deeper since alcoholic beverages contain an insane amount of calories.

lose weight fast by drinking water

Because of this, fresh, clean water has no alternative for those looking to lose weight and to do so in the safest manner possible. Unfortunately, really safe, clean water is getting harder and harder to come by in the 21st century. Bottled water is not always 100 percent toxin free. Sure, the water itself undergoes rigorous examination, but unfortunately same could not be said about the plastic that those bottles are made of. The situation with tap-water can sometimes be even worse and in some regions, people don’t even consider municipal water source as an option. Fortunately, this is nothing that a sophisticated device such as UV sterilizer or similar water-filter cannot solve.


Better than Energy Drinks

People who work out usually turn to at least some sort of training enhancer. While most people go with supplement pills or powders, for a lot of people this kind of aid is still a taboo. Nonetheless, even those most fearful won’t think twice about energy drinks. This is a paradox of sorts since although energy drinks make your training more efficient, they also set you back by filling your body with chemicals. For example, while they make you addicted to caffeine, energy drinks also use all sorts of dangerous artificial sweeteners in order to taste better.

lose weight fast by drinking water

Luckily, there is an alternative. A lot of people have discovered a way to make their own organic energy drink by making an iced tea mixture or by drinking coconut water. Furthermore, a lot of foods such as fruits and raw vegetables also have an abundance of both water and energy infusing substances. Sure, this path may be a bit slower, but no change worth mentioning happens overnight.



As you can see, drinking water helps you lose weight both indirectly and directly. By making you feel full before the supper, you will feel inclined to eat less and thus ingest less calories. Additionally, by serving as an alternative to soft and energy drinks, water serves this purpose once more. Overall, for any weight losing effort, there is nothing quite like the clean, fresh water.


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How Sinus Surgery Can Benefit Your Life

All across the world people are experiencing at least some form of sinus problems. While treating a runny nose or a mild cold can be a painless and natural procedure, in more severe instances the only real solution can be sinus surgery. However, this is not something to worry about. Medical science has made leaps in sinus and nasal surgical procedures, so much so that they are now considered minor surgical interventions. On the other hand, if you are facing day-to-day pains and physical difficulties, sinus surgery may be the ideal solution for all your troubles, due to the many benefits patients experience afterwards.

sinus surgery














Sinus Surgery – Fewer Infections and Better Breathing

The most obvious benefit of sinus surgery is the drainage of mucus from the nasal cavity. During chronic sinus infections, colds or sinusitis (an inflammation of the nasal cavity) mucus gets trapped in the nose, and can remain there for years, even decades. Although, there are natural remedies for sinus drainage, the best method is surgery. A tube drains all the content that has gather over time, and the procedure is risk free. Patients who undergo surgery attest to breathing better, sleep better without snoring, and also have less chance of encountering pneumonic illnesses.

A More Effective Application of Antibiotics

Sinus surgery is almost always accompanied by medical treatment with antibiotics that deal with the lingering inflammations and infections. However, patients who have undergone surgery have a better success rate of dealing with their ailments, since they can administer medications more effectively. As the sinus pathways become open medical sprays, rinse-based medicine and nebulized antibiotics are able to reach the entire lining of the nasal cavity. This ensures that the issues are dealt with efficiently and the patient is treated in the shortest amount of time.

Less Headaches and Migraines

Sinus pain is among the top causes of headaches and chronic migraines. These pains can be so severe that they can render patients physically impaired and unable to concentrate on anything but the pain. After going through surgery patients have clear nasal pathways and sinus cavity, which increases oxygen intake. This, in turn, decreases pressure on the brain and relieves patients of pains in the frontal lobe and forehead.

sinus surgery







A Solution for Nasal Septum Deviation

Nasal septum deviation unknowingly affects around 80% of people around the world. This physical disorder is the result of a displaced nasal septum or cartilage which separates the two nasal cavities. In mild cases this can result to shortness of breath, while in severe circumstances patients can experience breathing problems throughout the day. The only solution when it comes to septum deviation is a professional septoplasty procedure. The procedure is risk free, and patients who undergo surgery are relieved of any breathing anomalies. The cartilage is straightened and the nasal pathways are free to appropriate an easy flow of air.

An Improved Quality of Life

Although, in most cases, sinus surgery is not considered a high-priority procedure, a study conducted on patients who have gone through some form of sinus surgery discovered that their quality of life has improved immeasurably post-surgery. Patients have indicated that they did not only breath better, but they also revealed they had better concentration, improved physical endurance, exceptional immunity during flu season, and experienced better quality sleep. This was also felt by people around them, as patients post-surgery reported they were less anxious and bad-tempered, more productive in day-to-day activities and had a more positive outlook on life in general.

Although, any form of surgery can seem daunting and intimidating, ultimately, it will relieve you of suffering and pain. Sinus surgery has advanced so much over the last decades that these procedures are now painless, risk-free, while the recovery time has decreased significantly. Long-term, you can expect to experience all the benefits of sinus surgery, with no repercussions, and only prospect of leading a healthy life to look forward to.