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Breathe Easy at Home With Four Essential Elements

3 million people a year die prematurely from poor air indoor air quality, according to the World Health Organization. We spend 90% of our time in our homes and offices, yet the air in these environments can be more polluted that outdoors. It’s because they’re filled with things that contain and release chemicals, from our furniture and furnishings to air fresheners and detergents. These chemicals can be detrimental to our health causing skin and eye irritation, breathing problems, fatigue, sickness and (when they accumulate over time) more serious conditions such as stroke or cancer. Connect with nature by using the four elements as ways to purify the air in your home for a healthier environment.
breathe easy at home

1. Earth Element – Find a Home for Houseplants

As well as looking lovely, houseplants can improve the air quality in your home. Part of the photosynthesis process (how plants generate energy to grow) involves absorbing carbon dioxide gasses through their leaves. A handy byproduct of this process is that) they also soak up harmful toxins found in plastics and everyday items in the home. Introducing house plants can relieve symptoms of asthma, sickness and general fatigue as well as some more serious conditions such as cancer. Clean the leaves of your plants to rid them of dirt and boost their effectiveness.

2. Wind Element – Aerate to Decontaminate

Ventilation (or removing humidity from a building) can lessen the accumulation of mold and mildew – a contributor to common allergies and especially breathing problems. If you live near green space then flinging open the windows will allow clean air to circulate, but on a main road or built up area this could introduce even more pollutants. Use fans and vents to help air circulate whilst filtering what’s entering the home.

3. Water Element – Make Water a Feature

Water is one of the most effective elements when looking to cleanse an indoor environment. Keeping the house clean using natural water will help to reduce pollutants but water fountains are also beneficial in many ways. Often used as air purifiers, they can even help you sleep. Whether it’s a small water feature or a full wall fountain, running water attracts dust particles from the air. All these tiny dirt particles carry a tiny electric charge which is attracted to the running water. The filter in the fountain then cleanses the water and the cycle begins again.

4. Fire Element – Burn the Candle at One End

A beeswax candle is a natural alternative to synthetic candles that will only add to the pollutants already in your home. Ionizing the air and neutralizing toxins, a beeswax candle will burn slowly for hours and hours before needing to be replaced. If you’re worried about leaving an open flame unattended then a Himalayan salt lamp can be just as effective and can even be left on overnight.


Indoor air pollution is a very serious problem that’s being recognized as a major contributor to ill health but by connecting with nature through the four elements, homeowners can cleanse their environment and avoid the effects of pollution.


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5 Fitness Tips for Men over 50. Latest useful secrets!

fitness tips for men
Getting older is not fun but it doesn’t have to be a bad either. As you get older, your body will change and you need to accept those changes to live a satisfying life at any age. Understanding your age and its specificities, as well as adequately taking care of your body, will keep you healthy and happy for decades to come. Reaching that 50s threshold means that some things will have to change. Read the next few fitness tips for men over 50 and put your best foot forward in meeting the years to come.

1. Think before you eat

Dietary needs change with age. As you get older, your energy levels will decrease and your metabolism will slow down. That means that you might start noticing your appetite decrease, but not necessarily. You might continue consuming the same amount of food out of habit; but be careful with that as it can be a problem if you want to keep your weight in check. So, think before you eat because times are changing. You will need to regulate the amount of food you consume and the type of nutrients you take in. Some vitamins and minerals are absorbed differently at different ages and you should consider that as well when it comes to planning your meals. Also, make sure you always eat as much fruit and vegetables and avoid processed foods.
fitness tips for men

2. Exercise

If you haven’t been exercising before, now is the time to start. As you get older, your muscles and tendons will become tighter and your ability to balance will continuously deteriorate. A lack of physical activity can lead to serious health issues, like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and a higher risk of injury. When you lose your ability to keep balance and your bones become less dense, every fall is dangerous. You need to start stretching to keep your joints and hips flexible and functional and your ability to maintain balance. Starting aerobics or a strength training will help you improve your fitness levels and strengthen your muscles. Your cardiovascular system will function better and you won’t have to worry about heart disease or metabolic problems.

3. Get regular checkups

Having regular checkups is a crucial element of staying healthy. There are some general rules but you should consult your doctor for more specific instructions about the frequency and type of checkups you should have. In general, cholesterol should be checked every five years. If you are overweight, physically inactive, or have a family member with diabetes, you should regularly have diabetes screening as well. Checking your blood pressure is also recommended. Your eyes will also start showing an age-related decline and you should start having regular eye checkups. Australians are known for their responsible approach to health and getting an eye test in Sydney is one of the most common checkups you will hear about from any of my compatriots. So take a cue from them and get your eyes tested.
fitness tips for men

4. Drink less alcohol

The effects of alcohol on your body
are quite harmful and they only get worse as you age. Drinking alcohol negatively affects your heart and arteries, which can lead to a heart attack, chest pain and blocked arteries. It can cause joint pain and a higher risk of getting kidney stones. Your bones may even become weaker and start losing mass faster than normal, which can lead to osteoporosis. As you can see, nothing good comes from drinking alcohol, but if you really enjoy it, try limiting your habit to no more than one drink per day.

5. Get a good night’s sleep

Not getting enough sleep can lead to all sorts of problems: higher levels of stress, lack of energy, premature aging, the list goes on. Sleep is the time when your body can regenerate itself and that is especially important when you reach a certain age. So, do everything you can to get enough sleep. Go to bed at the same time every night. Don’t drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks before going to bed. One other thing that can affect the quality of your sleep is your screen time. Staring at screens can trick your brain into thinking it is daytime and not the time for sleeping, so you should set at least thirty minutes of no-screen time before going to bed. Use these tips and you will be sleeping like a baby and you will notice the difference in the way you feel as well.

Guest Author’s Bio

Peter Minkoff is a lifestyle writer for HighStyleLife magazine living in Brisbane, Australia. He is dedicated to healthy living, exercising and spending time outdoors as much as possible. A firm believer in healthy diet, natural smoothies and energy healthy drinks for overall health benefits, Peter is powered by true motivation in all aspects of yoga and fitness-ing. He hopes to run his own yoga and fitness center someday. You can follow Peter on Twitter.