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James Kelly

James Kelly

Welcome to Learn Handy Health and Wellness Tips!

You have just found a blog developed by me to create public awareness of the need for us all to keep lean, healthy and well nourished bodies so that we can maintain fit, active and healthy lives and not to have them cut short by preventable diseases caused through poor choices in lifestyle.


My name is James Kelly, a Network Marketer and I have lived in Perth, the sunny capital of Western Australia since 1971. We are fortunate to have a beautiful warm climate in this part of the world which certainly enables people to take part in many outdoor activities and to generally live a healthy lifestyle.

However that is not always the case in many parts of the world where the stresses of modern day living when accompanied by poor diet and general lack of exercise can often bring about declines in people’s health and cause premature aging.

Too often these days we find that people, especially in the more prosperous countries of the world, are grossly overweight through their bad choices in food and drink which often causes severe health issues for them. Death caused by preventable disease of the body is the scourge of the world we live in today.

I have experienced this myself. Even though I had a sedentary job throughout my working life I was always very active and relatively fit. Things changed for the worse in 2000 when I was laid off work at at the age of 57 and I discovered how reluctant employers were to take on mature age workers. My weight which had remained constant during my working life suddenly ballooned now that I was unemployed and less active and also because of poor diet choices. About 4 years ago I had a stroke which fortunately for me did not cause too much damage but it certainly made me realise the importance of good health. I have since taken steps to improve my health and well being with the result that I have shed a lot of surplus weight and at the age of 70 am now feeling much fitter.

I have written this blog so as to research health topics and to publish articles  to enable readers to ‘learn handy health and wellness tips‘ to improve their well being.

Finally check out this YouTube video which gives information on my other health and wellness website:-

James Kelly


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