Arthritis Relief Naturally

It’s a common misconception that it’s only older people who get arthritis. It’s a disease that we think granddad or grandma have, but that’s not true. People of any age and any gender can get a form of arthritis. From a toddler to a 90 year old, having arthritis is possible it’s very painful and the sufferers long for arthritis relief.

It’s the name ‘arthritis’ that makes people think of the older generation, but arthritis is just joint inflammation, which is something anybody and everybody can get. Arthritis is the joint name for many different forms of this disease. There is osteoarthritis (where bone rubs against bone as cartilage has worn away), which is the most common form and there are other forms such as infectious arthritis, inflammatory arthritis and metabolic arthritis.

There are certain treatments available for people who are suffering and in pain, such as drugs and therapies, but there are some natural remedies to help in your arthritis relief. Be sure to note, however, that if you are in pain or think you have arthritis it is important to go speak to your doctor before doing anything else.

arthritis relief

Here are a few ways that you might find will help in your arthritis relief, be you 19 or 80.

Weight Control:

Arthritis causes swelling, pain and stiffness so it’s important to help your body in any way that you can to ease the pain. One way of doing this is by controlling your weight. Too much weight puts more pressure on your joints, especially your knees. So, if possible, losing weight will remove this extra pressure and hopefully ease you of pain to assist in arthritis relief.


Exercise is good for people who suffer with arthritis, but don’t go too hard on the workout or that could make it worse. Take it easy, take it slow, and do what you can do without pushing yourself too much. Doing an extra bit of exercise will not only help you control your weight, but it will help strengthen your muscles, help your joints move, and you’ll find that you’re not as stiff as you were beforehand. Again, it is important to ask your doctor first, but don’t be afraid of taking up a bit of exercise if you struggle with arthritis.

Hot & Cold Therapies:

A mixture of hot and cold can work wonders for arthritic pain. A hot water bottle or a hot bath can help relax tense muscles and reduce painful stiffness. It increases your blood flow and helps relieve any mental stress. The cold, such as ice wrapped in a towel, is great to reduce inflammation and swelling, which is what causes the pain with arthritis.


Feeling stiff and unable to move is common among people who suffer with arthritis. Not only is this annoying but it’s uncomfortable and painful. By getting a massage, professionally or self-given, your muscles will relax and so will your body. Although this might only be a temporary solution to a long-term problem, it will help you move your body more freely for the time being and give you some arthritis relief.


Although exercise is important for strengthening your muscles, you need to rest your body as well. It can’t be pushed too much or the pain will get worse and your muscles will end up very tense and you will end up feeling stiff. Getting adequate rest allows your body to heal itself, your muscles and the rest of your body to relax. This is just as important as taking up an exercise.


There are plenty of natural ways to help ease the symptoms and the pain from arthritis, but it is important to talk to your doctor or a health professional first.

Find your own way to ease your arthritis; meditation, acupuncture, diet and therapy are all other ways to get arthritis relief. Reading some good internet publications such as The Arthritis Step By Step Strategy may also be beneficial to you

You don’t have to live in pain and remember, it’s not just grandma that can suffer with a form of arthritis.

James Kelly

High Wycombe, Western Australia, 6057


Aerobic fitness equipment needed for an effective workout.

Exercise workouts through aerobics are not only great for your body but also for your overall health and wellness. These are also a great way for you to lose weight and trim off unwanted belly fat. Whilst aerobic exercises are good for maintaining high levels of fitness as it is like walking, jogging or similar exercise routines, using ‘aerobic fitness equipment‘ makes exercising even more fun and at the same time enables you burn up calories faster through a more effective exercise workout.

aerobic fitness equipment

 You will find below the types of equipment which could be used for different aerobic exercises, Some are expensive and others relatively cheaper. It really depends on your budget as to what you select and also whether your aerobic exercises are to be carried out in a gym or at home.

So what types of aerobic fitness equipment will you need?


aerobic fitness equipment

aerobic fitness equipment

This is usually the most common type of aerobic fitness equipment. The height of the step varies depending on the leg movements that would be used. Naturally, the height will depend on the experience and expertise of the person using it. Therefore, a beginner would generally start with a low 4-inch step. As you become more experienced with this type of workout, the height would gradually increase to build more endurance and flexibility. The good thing about this type of aerobic fitness equipment is that step benches are generally light enough to be carried anywhere.

When buying this equipment, choose a bench with a non-slip surface for safety reasons. Also remember that buying a higher step bench will generally mean a more intense workout which may be inadvisable if you are a beginner for this type of exercise.


aerobic fitness equipment

aerobic fitness equipment

Lifting weights is another component of an aerobic exercise program. If you are seriously trying to build muscle, then you should initially start with 3 and 5 pound weights. Gloves are recommended when using hand weights as they enable you to grip the weights better. Weights are also used in Water aerobics where people taking part in aquatic exercises use customized weights.


Unlike ordinary bicycles these are located only in one fixed position. This type of bicycle provides a no-impact aerobic workout that can strengthen and tone the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Stationary exercise bicycles allow for more variety of movement, such as riding while in a standing or racing position, which enables more muscle groups to be exercised as a rider changes position. To measure the exercise progress made, an ergometer is installed on the bicycle. There are even those which have computers that contain up to date details of the exercise information and sessions. The more computerized features that are on these type of bicycles the higher the cost of the equipment. There are lots of different types of stationary bicycles, and you don’t necessarily have to buy the most feature full and expensive model to achieve desired results from this type of aerobic fitness equipment.


aerobic fitness equipment

Treadmills can also be very expensive. You will find that many fitness centers will sell manual operation as well as motorized versions of treadmills. Features on the treadmills include pulse monitor, book rack and bottle holder. To stave off boredom the more computerized models include video and audio players to entertain you whilst exercising. The most important factor when buying a treadmill is its size as it needs to be able to fit into the room you have selected in your house for exercising in.


aerobic fitness equipment

aerobic fitness equipment

Like treadmills these can also be expensive. Rowing machines have a number of design features that permit you to increase the cardiovascular intensity of an exercise workout. Like stationary bikes rowing machines allow you to set higher resistance levels in order to push your cardiovascular system to greater limits. Unlike stationary bikes, rowing machines utilize dual-action movements, giving you a solid full-body workout. You can adjust the machine settings to increase the resistance for both the upper and lower body on the machine.


When carrying out aerobic exercises, it is important that you use the right clothes and shoes. Ensure that the clothes will allow your body to move easily and that the shoes are comfortable enough to keep you well balanced during your exercise workout.

Apart from paying attention to wearing the proper workout clothes, it is important to also get advice from your doctor or health-care provider with regard to what kind of aerobic fitness equipment and get lean program would be suitable for your health needs. If it is too costly to buy aerobic fitness equipment consider instead the option of signing up for a fitness center membership provided that they offer the aerobic equipment you would like to use.


Keep fit and enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

James Kelly

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