How to Keep Healthy Teeth during Pregnancy. Helpful Tips for Mums

Pregnancy often causes dental problems in women such as gingivitis or tooth decay and it’s is all due to your body’s changed response to plaque and due to the demands of pregnancy. Don’t believe old wives’ tales that pregnancy damages your teeth and that you will lose teeth during the period. If you properly maintain your teeth hygiene and listen to your dentist, there’s nothing to worry about. Here is what you can do to keep your teeth healthy for you and your baby.

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How to keep healthy teeth. Tips for Mums to be!

1. Visit your dentist before getting pregnant

If you’re actively working on having a child, make sure your teeth are always well taken care of. Regularly visit your dentist and have your teeth cleaned and gums examined. If there’s a procedure to be done, it’s better to do it before you get pregnant.

2. Oral hygiene and morning sickness

If you suffer from frequent morning sickness and have short vomiting spells, try rinsing your mouth with water or mouthwash. Human vomit is full of strong stomach acids that cover your teeth after you vomit. If you vomit often, those acids can damage tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. You can try not brushing your teeth right after you vomited. If your teeth are covered with stomach acids and you brush them energetically, you can scratch the enamel. Try rinsing your mouth with tap water and then do the same with fluoridated mouthwash or toothpaste. Also, if your toothpaste taste makes you sick, switch to a bland-tasting one during your pregnancy. You can check with your dentist and ask for some recommendations.

3. How to maintain dental hygiene while pregnant

The first thing you should do is inform your dentist you’re expecting. Even though basic dental care and urgent procedures can be done, some obligatory procedures should be left for after the delivery. While you’re making an appointment, you can ask your dentist if there are some special precautions you can take. Don’t forget to tell the dentist about the drugs and vitamins you’re taking, because they will maybe need to adjust the treatment to your existing drugs. X-rays of teeth can also be done, but if you can skip them, do so. Your dentist will take extra care that you and your baby are well protected from the rays even though they are now much safer than they used to be in the past. Another thing you should do is keep up with your regular checkups. This is especially important for your gums, because pregnancy is known to cause gingivitis. This happens because your hormones overreact to plaque on your teeth which causes tender, bleeding and swollen gums. If you start experiencing any of these symptoms, see your dentist right away. Also, make sure to regularly brush your teeth and maintain good oral hygiene. You can wear metal braces during pregnancy without any risk, just improve your daily oral hygiene practice.

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4. Eat right to make your teeth and your baby strong and healthy

Even though you’ll experience many sweet craving episodes during your pregnancy, try to avoid sugar. The more you snack on sweets the bigger the risk of developing tooth decay. Instead, try to have a healthy and balanced diet. Many dairy products are a great source of minerals your baby needs to develop healthy teeth, gums and bones, so replace chocolate with some cheese.

5. Aftercare

The best thing you can do after you’ve delivered it to visit your dentist who will do a complete examination of your mouth and take care of any possible decay and other problems.

While you’re pregnant you have to take care of your teeth as much as you take care of other things, and as long as your oral hygiene is good, you have nothing to worry about.


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