Perfect environment for sleeping

Getting enough sleep is a must if you’re to feel healthy and happy. However, actually nodding off at night is often easier said than done and there are often huge obstacles in getting the perfect environment for sleeping. One thing that might be stopping you drifting off into dreamland is your bedroom. From badly designed beds to distracting decor, there are a host of things that can go wrong in this part of the home.

perfect environment for sleeping

If you think your sleeping area could benefit from an overhaul, take a look at these top design tips to get the perfect environment for sleeping in your home.

1. Choose your window dressings wisely

One often overlooked element in bedrooms is window dressings. All too often, people see these products as a mere design afterthought. The truth is, curtains and blinds can play a major role in helping you to slip into peaceful slumber. After all, light levels affect our ability to sleep. The circadian biological clock, which helps to regulate our sleep patterns, is influenced by a group of cells in the brain that respond to light and dark signals. In turn, this has an effect on our hormone levels, body temperature and a range of other functions that help control how sleepy or alert we feel. So, if sunlight streams into your room at daybreak, the chances are you’ll struggle to sleep. Even artificial light from street lamps can disrupt your ability to rest.

The good news is, there’s a simple solution to this problem in creating the perfect environment for sleeping. By choosing window dressings made from the right materials, you can prevent light from getting into your bedroom. For example, blockout blinds from The Blinds Company offer a straightforward way to control brightness in your boudoir. As an added bonus, blockout blinds and curtains help to keep rooms cool in summer and warm in winter.

perfect environment for sleeping

2. Buy the perfect bed

If you’re going to replace just one item of furniture in your room, it may be worth ditching your bed in favour of a better model. This platform should be the perfect size and it must be sturdy. If possible, test a range of options before you make your purchase, and if you share your bed with a partner, try it together to make sure there’s enough room for both of you.

Of course, it’s not only the bed itself that matters; your mattress is also crucial. You can take your pick from a wide range of different styles, including open coil, pocket sprung, continuous spring, foam and gel. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to these products, but whichever version you go for, make sure it’s capable of providing the right level of support for your body size and shape.

Think about your bedding too. So that you can ensure you’re cosy year-round without getting too warm, you might benefit from having a lightweight summer duvet and a heavier version for the cooler months. Make sure you have supportive pillows too, and your sheets should be sumptuous and soft.

3. Seek out relaxing scents

Adding relaxing fragrances to your room in the form of scented candles, reed diffusers or potpourri could help you to nod off at night too. Lavender is a firm favourite in sleep circles as research has shown it can help people to relax. One study, conducted in 2005 by a team at Wesleyan University in the US, found that people who sniffed lavender before bedtime enjoyed an increased amount of deep sleep compared with a control group who sniffed distilled water.

4. Use calming colours

Pay attention to your decor too. Certain colours are known to be more calming than others, meaning they might help you to drift off. Research conducted at Minnesota State University found that red environments can increase stress responses, while green and white environments do not. It also suggested that the most calming hues are usually in the blue family, but muted versions of other colours can be soothing too.

By bearing simple design tips like these in mind when you’re revamping your bedroom, you should be able to create the perfect environment for sleeping.

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