Resistance Training Exercises To Lose Weight

resistance training exercisesThere was a time, several years ago, when I looked at myself in the mirror and thought ‘Gee where is that lean and athletic looking body that I possessed in my 30s?” It was an undeniable fact that I was now obese, having put on over 30 kilos since the days of my youth! I really needed to lose weight as my current flabby stomach and low fitness levels were going to cause me to have major health problems in the future. There was now definitely a need for me to get some useful health tips in order to set up a plan to enable me to regain the lean and healthy body I once possessed. It took me a lot of time to discipline myself to a healthy diet to ensure my body was getting proper nutrition but I knew that I also needed to combine healthy eating habits with regular exercise. In my younger days I used to carry out cardiovascular exercises through running but these days it is confined to brisk walking. I decided to supplement this with resistance training exercises as this helps me burn calories plus at the same time keeping my body lean and strong.


If you want to lose weight, resistance based exercises are extremely important as they increase the growth of lean muscle in the body. Why is this important? It is because every pound of muscle you have hastens the rate at which your body burns fat. This is one of the common forms of strength training involving an elastic form of resistance through the body being pulled, squeezed, bent, or stretched naturally during the course of exercise.
Resistance based exercises can involve using devices such as weight machines, resistance bands and dumbbells. It can also be achieved by using your own body weight as resistance by doing exercises such as squats, push ups, lunges and pull ups.resistance training exercises

When you only do cardiovascular exercises such as running or brisk walking, your body’s metabolism slows down once your workout is over. However when you combine this with resistance training, your metabolism stays boosted long after your workout is over—even when you’re relaxing, sitting down in your lounge!

While you may still not be convinced that resistance training is important for losing weight, consider this for a moment. If you have two men standing side by side who are the same height and weight, and one of them seems to have a body that is mostly lean muscle while the other man’s body appears to be soft and flabby, the man with the lean muscle will look smaller. For what reason? It is because muscle is compact and takes up far less space in the body than fat does.


Many people dislike the idea of resistance training exercises because they wrongly believe that these will give them huge muscular frames! However most of the people who get bulky muscles either train specifically for this purpose, such as professional bodybuilders or they achieve this through performance-enhancing substances.

Resistance based, general strength exercises will NOT make you bulky. All it will do is make you stronger, shapelier and leaner. Very desirable targets don’t you think?


• Target your resistance training exercises to three times a week. Don’t over exert yourself. It is important to remember that when strength training, muscles must be given time to recover. You should aim to rest one day between each session.
• Be sensible about lifting weights, not too heavy or too light. If you lift weights that are too heavy you can get injured, and weights that are too light won’t be a challenge to your body and you won’t achieve any benefit..resistance training exercises
• To derive the maximum benefit use slow, controlled movements rather than rapid movements when you are doing resistance based exercises. The reason for this is that if you lift weights too fast you will use speed instead of strength to get you through your exercise repetitions, which does not produce worthwhile results..
• Also gradually increase the number of times that you lift weights as if you do the same number of repetitions all the time, there is no challenge to your muscles and your progress slows down. Reassess your resistance training program every few weeks to ensure a steady upwards progress in results.


Do you want to see your fat really melt away? If so combine your quality resistance training exercises program with a sensible healthy diet and get plenty of cardiovascular exercise.

By using these tips you can improve the way you look and feel through weight loss. Check out the following report on the benefits of an effective diet which shows you what I do when I need to lose weight. Click on the link below to see it.


Keep fit and enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

James Kelly

High Wycombe, Western Australia,6057



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