The Bible for Super Sexy Skin





This skin care program is a look at how the hormones affect your skin (and accelerate aging,) while revealing the foods that help optimize your endocrine system. The Bible for super sexy skin is designed to help women at every stage of the constantly changing hormone process. The information you’ll discover is as timeless as you’ll look and feel.



Here is what you get with the Bible For Super Sexy Skin program:-



1. Hormone Optimizing 28 Day Eating Plansuper sexy skin

Daily eating plan tailored to your biological phase of aging, tons of easy recipes to guide you step by step (with photos… including metric and imperial measurements,) nutritional breakdown, lean eating portion guide and optimal foods chart.

2. Shiatsu Facial Massage video & Guide

Demonstrating the “natural face lift” step-by-step self-massage movements. You can easily follow along in the privacy of your own home. This routine is crucial for any woman who wants to eliminate the nasty toxicity that’s stuck just underneath your skin in the lymphatic system. When you get the lymph fluid moving, all of that puffiness on your face can finally just disappear.

3. Body Toning Routine Video & Guide

This fusion of Pilates, Yoga and Body weight Movements will increase your circulation, create space in your muscle fibers, enliven your spirit and tone your whole body. As a result, your skin will glow with a sense of well being – unlike ever before.

4. My Super Sexy Skin Diary

An easy to use diary system – making it simple to see and track your results. Features “how to” steps for measuring the improvement in your skin over four weeks.

This is the ONLY program you will ever need for creating the healthiest skin you’ve ever had in your entire life.

You can purchase the program at the buy product link above:-

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