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The Get Lean Program is a 3 month long detailed eating and fitness plan. It was created by figure model Belinda Benn and it closely follows the process she went through in her late 30s and early 40s to turn from an unfit woman who had never exercised regularly to a world known fitness and figure model.

Regardless of the amazing personal transformation that she went through (and I have to admit that I am impressed), I want to make sure that she can also help other people burn fat and get lean. This is why I decided to write this Get Lean Program review.

In this review I’ll go over everything this program offers and detail the pros and cons it includes. Read this review to make sure this program is for you.

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How does the Get Lean Program Work and What is It?


The Get Lean Program is a 222 pages digital book (that you can download to your PC, MAC, iPad, and so on). The book details the entire method by which Belinda Benn got lean and fit in her 40′s and ended up looking hotter than she did in her 20′s.

The program is spaced out over 3 months and includes 3 different phases in which you shed body fat in order to get lean. One thing that I need to stress is that the goal is to get lean, not thin.

The main difference is that when you get thin you may also lose a lot of muscle tissue and end up looking weak. Getting lean involves being toned and firm.

Note: It’s quite clear that Belinda Benn has a perfect body. You may feel that this is beyond your own abilities. One of the principles of the program is that you need to be consistent, not perfect. I agree with that mindset. Progression is the key.

This program is written for the regular person. You don’t need to spend hours at the gym or anything like that. 3 Workouts a week are enough, as long as you follow the eating plan.


The 3 phases of the program are:


1. Momentum – This is the initial phase where you begin eating correctly to boost your metabolism and shed body fat. Don’t worry, this is far from restrictive. You get to eat 3 meals and 3 mid-meal snacks each day. You also get two treat nights each week in which you can eat “non-dietary” things to prevent feelings of deprivation.

2. Acceleration – This second phase (on the second month) is when your body can now burn more fat and have sufficient energy with fewer calories. Now you only get 1 treat night per week, but even this should be enough to help you stick to the diet plan.

3. Peak Phase – During this 3rd phase you push yourself past the results you achieved by the end of the Acceleration phase and reach your optimal results.


You have a choice of selecting three ebook packages:-


Package 1 – The Fat Burning Nutrition Package- Normal price $75 but selling now for $47

Package 2 – The Kick Butt Workout Package – Normal price $120 but now selling for $67

Package 3 – Complete Premium Transformation Package – Normal price $195 but now selling for $87


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