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Steve and Becky Holman are the Creators of the Old School New Body fitness program,. As they say ‘We’ve not only created the system FOR you. We’ve already put the workouts, the nutrition plans, and the action steps all into one short, simple to read, easy to understand handbook that you can read AND put into action in about 2-3 hours’.


What is Old School New Body?


Old School, New Body is essentially a fitness program geared towards us, more “seasoned”, adults – particularly ages 40 and above. Steve and Becky Holman have crafted a workout program to help get people into shape safelyand quickly.  Personally the safely part was far more important to me than the quickly. But the quickly part definitely doesn’t hurt!

The core of Old School, New Body is labeled the F4X workout system.


What does F4X mean?


F4X stands for Focus-4 Exercises.  These would be 4 resistance training core exercises that have been identified as being the most effective.

  1. Squats
  2. Incline presses
  3. Bent over rows
  4. Upright rows

The F4X training system lays out 3 different workout plans that each focuses on a particular fitness goal and all 3 include the F4 eXercises.  No matter which workout plan you choose it should take no more than 60 minutes to complete, with the minimal workout taking about 30 minutes.

Incidentally the minimal workout plan should be done 3 times a week, this is where the 90 minutes per week on the cover comes from (3x 30min).


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