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Many books on meditation recommend that you record your own guided meditation and this can be a good idea. But most people prefer to simply listen to guided meditations that have been recorded for them – with our fast, modern pace of life it’s simply the most practical method. Welcome to the Ultimate Meditation Kit!

This isn’t about a complicated system of learning how to meditate or anything fancy like that.

The kit has been designed to get you meditating fast…

With no long learning curve or complicated rituals.

At the heart of the kit are five pre-recorded guided meditations that you can download and use as often as you like.

A lot of people put them on their iPod or other MP3 device and play them whenever they need to relax or when they have a special purpose for meditating.

In this ebook you will find 5 guided meditations available, all for an exceptionally low price.



The Ultimate Meditation Kit covers the following subjects:



* Relaxation. Play this one when you simply need to relax.

* Advanced relaxation. This is good for those times when you need to relax deeply. Maybe at the end of the week or after a stressful day.

* Attracting abundance. For when you need to attract more money into your life. If you’re a fan of “The Secret”, this will help you attract more abundance into your life.

* Creativity. There are times when we need to be creative and this specially created meditation will help you to release your creative energy.

* Connecting With Your Higher Self. It’s not always easy to connect with our higher self. This often overlooked side of meditation is covered by this guided meditation.

All for a one-time charge of just $9.95…

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