Avoid Acid Reflux Naturally With Change of Diet.

It is also known as acid indigestion or heartburn. It is also often called pyrosis. The main reason this happens is when some of the acidic stomach contents go back up into the esophagus. The major symptom of an acid reflux is that a burning pain is felt in the lower chest area. It often happens after eating. The burning pain can be severe or normal.The first symptom is of severe heartburn. It is a real discomfort. It happens in the esophagus and is felt behind the breastbone area. It slowly and gradually tends to worsen when someone lies down or bends over. This burning pain can last for several hours. This can also worsen after eating. and can cause more issues if not controlled within a time limit. So how does one avoid acid reflux?

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This disease can easily be controlled by diet and a little bit change in your lifestyle. It’s not that difficult for a good and healthy living.

Here are some pointers to get started to avoid acid reflux;

All you have to start is to ignore high fat and low protein diets. Prefer low fat diets. This will help a lot in minimizing the issue of acid reflux. Another point to be taken under consideration is that divides your meal portions into smaller ones. Eat often times in a day but with smaller proportions. This helps your stomach from getting too heavy and full. Remember not to get your stomach filled up. Go easy on your stomach and you yourself will feel the change. You will feel comfortable and easy. Stop eating before you get too full.

Let’s move on to the drinkables. Because there are many drinkables that worsen the burning pain of an acid reflux as they are too hot by nature. Many of them are listed below;

  1. Coffee or tea
  2. Fizzy drinks or any drink that has caffeine in it
  3. Fruits that contain citrus in it like oranges and lemons
  4. Any of those products that contain tomatoes like tomato sauce and salsa
  5. Peppermint or mint
  6. Chocolate
  7. Garlic and onion
  8. Spicy or fatty foods like curry or chilli.

It is a lot better to avoid these above listed things as much as you can. Some other useful points are that don’t ever eat 2-3 hours before lying down. You can keep your stomach contents down to avoid acid reflux also. All you have to do is to put some blocks under the head of your bed to rise to 4-6 inches.

avoid acid reflux

Some more common ways to avoid acid reflux are to loosen up. Stop wearing tight clothes. Let your jeans loosen up so that they don’t make your stomach tighten up. This can also cause acid reflux and the burning pain. And if you are overweight, don’t forget to have a walk everyday to lose some of the weight. It’s time to maintain your weight according to your height to avoid heartburns.

It’s time to make change. Stop smoking and blend into the above listed ideas for a better and healthy living.

If you need further more detailed advice on how to avoid acid reflux there are some great books currently available on the Internet which give really useful information on this subject. The ones that I recommend are as follows:-




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