Does Meditation Reduce Stress

Meditation is a traditional technique that received worldwide recognition for its physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits. The spiritual practices involving meditation originated in some ancient eastern religions and evolved as part of their culture. When the meditation was introduced to the western civilization, many people criticized it as a cult or religious practice, but several studies confirmed the health benefits of meditation, and this technique was recognized by modern researchers. But does meditation reduce stress? In this stressful modern day society it was recognized from the research that ‘meditation helps reduce stress‘ and increases general well being As a result, meditation was assimilated into western civilization through spiritual practices as well as medical therapies. Yoga and meditation have been recognized by the United States, and an International day of Yoga was celebrated on 21st June.

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One of the benefits of meditation lies in its stress busting capabilities. Dr. Borysenko described meditation as a technique of Minding the Body and Mending the Mind. In fact, meditation helps you in controlling your thought process by concentrating on certain thoughts so that you can achieve a relaxed and calm feeling. The core principles of mental wellness discipline and spiritual well-being initiate a complete overhaul of your personality, and you are reborn with a changed attitude and perspective in life to embrace universal brotherhood.

Meditation empowers you to become aware of your thought process and how these thoughts or attitudes produce stress. When you learn the skills of controlling your thoughts, you benefit from a relaxed state of mind that clinical researchers described as the physiological response from meditation. In fact, your body acts as an inner physician, enhancing your perception so that you can listen to your inner wisdom.

As far as spiritual explanations are concerned, Taoism theologians believe that human emotions are governed by the Fire energy of the heart. If untamed, this Fire energy can flare upwards and smother your mind. On the other hand, your will power or the mind of intent is controlled by the water energy of the kidneys. If uncontrolled, this Water energy goes downwards and excites the sexual organs, draining your spirits in the process.  Meditation empowers you to change the flow of these energies. The Fire energy goes down while the Water energy flows up. The process creates a refined, transformed, and balanced flow of energies, and relaxation occurs when fire energy is neutralized by the soothing effects of your mind of intent or water energy.

The modern researchers provide a more convincing explanation. People are subject to stress and anxiety due to the challenges of modern lifestyle and problems in their pursuit of wealth and power. Stress is always associated with your thought process and perspective in life. When you learn the techniques of controlling your thought process and spiritual awareness changes your perspective in life, you benefit in terms of a very relaxed state of mind. In this way the benefits of meditation definitely include stress reduction. The real power of meditation lies in spiritual awakening. If you can learn the meditation skills, it can not only relieve you from stress, but also make you free from negative energies. It creates a mental wellness balance of your body, mind and spirits so that you acknowledge the true meaning of your life.

In Yogic Meditation, controlled breathing and controlled thought process is used to achieve relaxation. Deep breathing improves oxygen flow to the peripheral parts of your body, enhances toxin excretion, improvements in circulation and overall metabolism. The controlled thought process works in combination with deep breathing to achieve a more relaxed mind. Controlling your thought process or emotions means you are controlling the flow of hormones within your body that prepare you to fight or flee in response to perceived stress.

Controlling your thought process or emotions is a challenging task and this is the reason why aspiring mediators easily get distracted and open eyes or make unwanted movements during their meditation process. So, beginners can use the help of music or other external devices to gain their focus and attention. As you become more experienced, you should try to control your restless mind without any external support.


Whilst it is impossible to lead a totally stress free life any prolonged feelings of stress which greatly impacts on your physical and emotional health and well being are matters which urgently need your attention and hopefully the above tips will help you achieve the right balance.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of meditation and how meditation helps reduce stress there are many reference books available on the internet which will teach you about this important health subject. The one that I have found to personally benefit me has the title of ‘Ultimate Meditation Kit

Look after that most prized asset in your life – good health!


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