Aerobic techniques for proper breathing.

A great way to lose weight and avoid the adverse health affects associated with obesity is to take up aerobic exercises and learn aerobic techniques for proper breathing. Not only will aerobic techniques help you to improve your overall health and wellness but the exercises will pump more oxygen into your blood vessels. Such physical activity will increase your body’s metabolism and burn up calories and fat. The word ‘aerobic’ literally means “living in air” and refers to the use of oxygen to adequately meet ones energy demands during exercise via aerobic metabolism in the body.

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Recent research studies have painted a dismal picture of the state of general health for people living in the USA and no doubt if one looked at studies conducted elsewhere in the world comparable results would be seen for other countries as well. Statistics have shown that almost 300,000 annual adult deaths in the USA are as a result of illnesses caused from lack of physical activity and unhealthy diets with about one third of the total adult population being regarded as obese. Adults are not the only ones having weight problems as studies have also shown alarming increases in the figures for overweight children and teenagers because of lifestyle changes.

Aerobic techniques

Here are 3 aerobic techniques points to be considered in a health and wellness program:-

1. Is it possible to lose weight through aerobic techniques for proper breathing?

aerobic techniquesIt is a well known fact that proper breathing is an extremely important aspect in different types of exercises particularly in yoga where breathing exercises can remove stress and relax the body and mind. There are several different aerobic programs which involve breathing to achieve weight loss each having their own techniques and instructions. It is however important to note that whatever program is followed dramatic results in weight loss won’t occur overnight and that being obese or overweight won’t be remedied by aerobic breathing techniques alone. Proper diet combined with exercise is vital to achieve good weight loss

results and aerobic breathing exercises can supplement these to achieve better results. Many people these days are shallow breathers with most of us probably only using 20% of our lung capacity. Using aerobic techniques for proper breathing helps our body maximize its potential and great health results can be achieved by breathing properly for short periods each day.

2. So why is it important to breathe properly?

Shallow breathing can diminish the power of the lungs by preventing oxygen from reaching all of our body tissues. The operation of breathing deeply and fully will oxygenate the brain and body, flushing out waste, toxins and other pollutants and transforming our health in the process. Abdominal deep breathing aerobic techniques can assist in reducing cellulite, improving blood circulation, skin tone, digestion and even sleep.

3. How do we breathe aerobically to stretch the lungs to its capacity? aerobic techniques

  • Sit up straight
  • Breathe out from the lungs using your stomach muscles making sure you force out all the air in the lungs
  • Hold your breath for a while
  • Breathe in through the nose pulling your stomach in
  • Repeat the above for up to 20 times counting to three for each breath in and breath out motion


Let’s face it most people want to have lean looking bodies but care must be taken to ensure that they don’t go to extremes with crash diets and unrealistic exercise routines to achieve that goal. It is far better for them to adopt a sensible eating diet, eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and other healthy food types, combined with moderate exercise to do this.

Setting realistic goals is what is needed in aerobics and any weight loss program so that one achieves them more easier at their own pace. Aerobic techniques for proper breathing may not be the magic bullet for the trim body objective but they can certainly help us improve overall health situation

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aerobic techniques for proper breathingKeep fit and enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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