Dealing With Depression

Depression is the most serious disaster in terms of your journey towards the negative realms until you are left with no desire to live.  The true cause of depression is not yet known, but researchers believe that serotonin level in your brain can be attributed to depression and negative thoughts. There are several factors like stress, inferiority complex, negative thoughts, emotional setback or deep-rooted  trauma and lifestyle-related  issues that can lead to depression. Unfortunately, these factors reinforce one another to create a trap like situation. In this article, we will discuss the topic of ‘dealing with depression‘ and how we can get out of a depressed state of mind and lead a happy life.

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Here are 5 tips for dealing with depression:-


1. Seek Medical Support.

When you feel sad, alone or perturbed by emotional or psychological issues like inferiority complex, relationship issues, breakups, and other crying / depressing situations for a few days, you should seek the support of a qualified physician for dealing with depression, and if he or she recommends, fix an appointment with a good psychiatrist. Several studies have confirmed that our emotional well-being is directly related to certain chemicals in the brain, and its deficiency can lead to serious depression.  Unfortunately, people don’t understand the importance of seeking medical support when they go through the heart-breaking  trauma and emotional stress.

As I have already mentioned, the factors contributing to depression reinforce each other. For example, if you are depressed or suffering from any emotional trauma,  you are more likely to spend sleepless nights. Obviously, waking all night and hardly sleeping in the day can play havoc with your overall health. Depression and sleeping disturbances then start reinforcing each other creating huge health stresses.

2. Change Your attitude.

People are more likely to get depressed when they try to change the environment as per their own values and preferences, and expect their loved ones or friends to accept these values and beliefs. You must acknowledge that you cannot change your environment as per your preferences. You should learn to respect the decision of your loved ones without feeling hurt. Stress, agony, ego, inferiority complex, betrayal or other emotional issues have to be seen in different perspective. A positive approach in life can go a long way to dealing with depression.

3. Believe in God, if possible.

Having a pagan faith is more likely to get you depressed because it feeds the belief that you are in control. Faith plays a very important role in pacifying negative thoughts. When you are ready to accept what the almighty God has to offer, you are ready to adjust to your environment rather than changing it. On the other hand, if you belief that religion is a matrix to control people, you are creating a conflicting situation. This is the reason why many brilliant scholars end up in depression.

4. Lead an Active Life and join Yoga, if possible.

Physical activity is very important for leading a healthy life. Human beings are not supposed to lead a sedentary life in nature. Clinical trials have proven that physical activity restores the serotonin balance within the brain. Yoga or meditation is a special kind of physical activity that relieves stress and restores the perfect balance between your body, soul and mind. Yoga has nothing to do with any religion or cult. The scientific principles behind this traditional physical activity have been proven by the modern researchers.

5. Connect with your friends and community.

The tendency to avoid social interactions or leading a lonely life is a very important sign of depression. Loneliness and depression are mutually reinforcing. You should try to connect with your friends, family and mingle with the community. You should acknowledge that your family members or friends are not responsible for your emotional setback, and true friends will always pray for your good health and well-being. When I say to connect with friends and community, I mean real people not strangers on the Facebook. Social media sites are more suitable for connecting with your existing friends.


Good mental wellness and emotional health is very important to have in this modern day society where too often people have unrealistic life goals the non attainment of which can often lead to depression. I do hope that you will find the above tips useful for dealing with depression.

James Kelly

High Wycombe, Western Australia, 6057