Healthy Food Guide To Lose Weight And Gain Vitality

OK you have been unsuccessful so far with the diets you have chosen and you are puzzled as to why you have not lost any weight. Is it because most diets don’t work? It is a well recognized fact that in the beginning you may lose a few pounds from your chosen diet but in no time your weight starts to balloon again! Many diets that are actively promoted require you to reduce the amount of calories from the food you eat to the point where your body is literally starving of essential nutrients. So what needs to be in a ‘healthy food guide‘ to lose weight?

healthy food guide

Unfortunately the results of not getting enough calories are several fold. Your body’s metabolism slows down, you lose lean muscle tissue, your body is deprived of nutrients necessary for you to function properly all of which causes your body to hold on to its stored fat for energy. On top of all this most people agree that diets cause them to feel wretched, depressed and very frustrated at not achieving their goals and know that they can’t possibly follow them for any lengthy period of time. After all how long can you survive on a typical miserable diet comprised of cabbage and grapefruit? Not for long I am sure you will agree!

The solution to this dilemma of how to lose weight is proper nutrition by ‘eating sensibly‘ that will give you better weight loss results than from trying out umpteen number of diets.

There are several reasons why this healthy food guide to lose weight works but these are the three main ones.

1. Good wholesome foods are healthy and nutritious and contain a low amount of calories

When compared with processed junk food , healthy foods like fruit, vegetables, legumes ( peas, beans, lentils ), seeds, raw nuts, organic eggs, organic poultry and naturally raised meats, are naturally low in calories.

By eating sufficient amounts and portions of these foods, your calories intake is automatically reduced and you lose weight without you feeling hungry, angry and deprived.

There is a lot of misinformation around about processed foods being healthy for you where in fact the reverse is generally true. Processed foods often contain high amounts of trans fat, fructose and chemicals that are bad for you as your body doesn’t know what to do with the calories; so they end up by being stored as fat. By taking a sensible approach by eating nutritious food instead of processed junk, your body actually benefits from the calories which are less likely to be stored as fat.

healthy food guide

2. Fuel up your body through proper nutrition

Sensible nutritious eating plans will always include plenty of fresh fruits, beans and vegetables in the diet. Good health foods such as these provide you with the healthy carbohydrates that are needed to fuel your body and to ensure that your body’s metabolism is functioning properly.

Avoid, like the plague, all diets that tell you not to eat healthy carbohydrates as your body definitely needs healthy carbohydrates in order to survive.

3. In order to burn fat and lose weight to achieve that trim figure you need to eat healthy

Some good news for you! When you follow a healthy food guide that includes protein this can help you build lean muscle tissue, so essential for raising your body’s metabolism. A big plus if you want to get rid of that double chin and lose weight!

Consuming protein rich foods enables your body to release a hormone that helps in the fat burning process to lose weight. Eating protein also helps make meals more filling for you which results in you eating less. Examples of the types of nutritious protein sources that you should be eating include raw nuts, beans, whole organic eggs, organic poultry and naturally raised lean meats.

healthy food guide

Now why on earth would you want to put yourself through all the misery and drama associated with dieting only to be disappointed with the final results? A much better option is eating healthy for shedding those unwanted pounds. Don’t forget however that eating nutritious food is just one part of a program to lose weight and that if you want to keep those results coming in, drink lots of water and get plenty of exercise.

In conclusion all those readers who have a strong desire to follow a healthy food guide to lose weight should watch this video to learn many of the tips that helped me burn off excess fat and keep it off.






Keep fit and enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

James Kelly

High Wycombe, Western Australia,6057