Extreme Workout Fatigue: Dry Eyes

Many people worldwide suffer from the condition called dry eyes. It is a syndrome which occurs when the eyes do not produce enough tears or simply when the tears evaporate too fast. This usually causes the eyes to dry out completely and become swollen, irritated and that is the moment when the discomfort hits, followed by pain and occasional blurry vision. It is like something is stuck in your eye all the time, every day. If you are a person who enjoys running or cycling, this syndrome can cause severe problems for you. Luckily, there is a way of preventing dry eyes. But let us get a bit more familiar with the topic.

dry eyes

Exercising and dry eyes symptoms

If you are among those people who exercise on a regular basis, then you have higher chances of getting this syndrome. Some of the most basic symptoms are blurred vision, watering, dry eyes, sore eyes, burning feeling in your eyes and the feeling of something being stuck in your eyes. But, how is this connected to exercising? To start off, one has to know that the climate is one of the factors which affect the eyes, and working under hot or windy climate can affect your eyes and provoke the condition. Also, there are many more things which can cause dry eyes, and are listed in the paragraph below.


After an exercise, your body tends to sweat a lot. Usually athletes and those who exercise regularly tend to use specially designed t-shirts which cause less sweating and absorb most of it. Every once in a while someone uses his sleeves to wipe his eyes from the sweat. When this action is repeated over and over again, every next time after the first wiping you increase your chances of catching an eye disease, among which is the condition called dry eyes. Also, if you use your towel to clean your face from sweat, always clean the face first, then the rest of your body. By avoiding to do so, you bring all the bacteria and dirty substances to your face which can end up close or in your eyes. Again, this can cause many eye diseases, including dry eyes. Some of the common dry eyes causes include hormonal changes, wearing contact lenses and immune system-related problems, but usually one gets this syndrome by not taking care of personal hygiene. So make sure to take a good care of your hygiene and try to avoid touching or brushing your eyes while at the gym or any other place. In order to keep the eyes safe, one should never touch them with his fingers.

How to treat this syndrome

First of all, if you have this symptom there is no need to panic, since it is not that severe condition. There are many available treatments which can relieve the symptoms of dry eyes. Some of them are using eye drops to lubricate the eyes, medications to reduce inflammation and soreness, and in the worst case scenario – a surgery to prevent the eyes from completely draining away. Make sure you visit your doctor for a closer control and for best advices on how to treat the condition. Also, if the dry eyes syndrome is causes by some underlying conditions, treating them will definitely relieve the symptoms.


Take good care of your eyes

If you want to have a clear and accurate vision, you have to take care of your eyes. They are irreplaceable, and should be handled with extreme care. Start by keeping your eyes and eyelids clean and protect them from dusty and smoky areas, windy and dry environments. When working with your computer or laptop, make sure to do some eye exercises every once in a while in order for the eye to blink regularly. If you air is to dry, make sure you use an air humidifier to moisten it. Last but not least is the diet; getting tons of Omega 3 acids will definitely improve your vision, so make sure you eat tons of carrots for starters. As long as your lifestyle and body are healthy, so will your eyes be.

People do not realize how important eyes are, and how easy it is to injure them. Taking good care of your health will lead to stronger immune system and therefore even protect your eyes in the process. It is always easier to protect them while you can, than to treat them later.

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