Help Your Child Eat Healthily

Sugary treats and chocolate are very easy to get your hands on these days. What’s worse, these sugary treats tend to be cheaper than the healthy alternatives. When chocolate and fast food are so easily available and school dinners are still chips and pizza, encouraging your children to eat healthily isn’t going to be easy, but it is very important. Childhood obesity can cause several health problems now and later on in life, so it’s important to make sure your child is eating well and very important to know exactly what they are eating. Eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring or handwork and when made fun, children are more likely to want to eat well and succeed in doing so.

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Here’s a few ways to encourage your children to eat healthily:-

Pack a lunch box.
The night before or, if you have time, in the morning, pack a healthy lunch box for your children. By doing so, you get to decide what they eat and what they drink. School dinners are slowly becoming healthier than they were before, but if you want to know exactly what they are putting into their bodies, pack them a lunchbox of your choosing. Fruit, veg, nuts, sandwiches or even some tuna pasta, you can make their healthy eating tasty.

Get kids cooking.
Turn cooking into a team activity. Let your children take part, they will be more likely to enjoy and eat all their food if they help make it. Everybody wants to taste something they’ve made with their own two hands! The chances are, if you get them into cooking healthily at a young age, they’ll more than likely carry it on as they grow up.

Be healthy with them.
They will want to follow in your footsteps and copy you, especially very young children. If they see you eating and enjoying a delicious, healthy meal then they will want to eat the same thing. Enjoy healthy eating as a family.

Plan out your dinners.
If you cook dinner last minute you are more than likely going to cook something quick and not too healthy. Sticking some chicken dippers in the oven or a pizza is quick and easy but it’s not that healthy. Plan out what you want to cook for dinner, even if it is something simple like tuna and sweetcorn pasta. If you plan it, you will make it! Tell the kids in the morning and get them excited for what they’ll be eating later in the evening.

Teach them about food.
Food is amazing. Different foods can benefit different parts of your body and there is so much natural goodness that goes into your food. It’s kind of like magic.Teach your children this! Teach them about spinach and how much iron it holds, teach them about bananas and how much potassium they have and why that’s good for you. Knowing why your food is good for you is part of eating healthy. Let them know why the food on their plate is better for them than a burger and chips.
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Treats aren’t illegal.
It’s true what people say, the more you can’t have something the more you want it. Don’t make chocolate, crisps and treats illegal. It’s okay to have a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps now and then. If you tell them they can’t have that cake, they’re probably going to go and have it anyway. If you don’t have a few treats in the kitchen cupboard, they’ll go stock up on it while they’re at school or buy it at the store themselves. Treats are okay in moderation.

Super smoothies.
Not only are smoothies a good way of getting your little ones to have some of their five a day, but they can also be fun to make. Let them pick what fruit combinations they want and what flavour yogurt they want to use. Let them take part in the making of the smoothie! It’s a very simple process and they’ll get to see how the fruit go from being a solid to a liquid. Smoothies are healthy, fun and quick. They’re a filling snack or a good way to start off your day to eat healthily.

Exercise with them.
Introduce kids to your fitness regime. There are plenty of exercises that you can encourage your children to join in with. From running to yoga, get them to copy you. Of course exceptions have to be made to allow them to be able to take part, but if they see you doing exercise and enjoying it, they’re going to want to try it as well. Make exercising fun, even if it is just by dancing around to your favourite song in the living room. Get them moving and this will boost their appetite for something gloriously healthy.



No matter what techniques you use to encourage your children to eat healthily, it’s always very important to remind them that size does not define a person. Some people are naturally bigger than others and some are naturally smaller. Everybody’s body is different and it’s very important to understand that. Teach them to love their body and teach them that their size does not make them any different to the next person. As long as they eat healthily, enjoy food and enjoy exercise, they’re on a good path.

James Kelly

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Healthy eating surprising benefits

We all know that healthy eating is important when it comes to keeping your weight in check and reducing the risk of a range of potentially serious medical problems, such as coronary heart disease and diabetes. However, there are many more advantages associated with a good diet, some of which may never have even crossed your mind.

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Here are just three of the more surprising benefits associated with healthy eating.

1. Improves your sex life

It’s easy to see that eating a balanced diet and staying slim can help to increase confidence in the bedroom and make it easier to enjoy a satisfying sex life. However, many people don’t realise that eating habits can have a much more direct impact on physical intimacy. By increasing the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, poor diets can increase men’s risk of erectile dysfunction (ED). This is because anything that interferes with the circulation of blood around the penis can make it more difficult for men to get and maintain an erection.

A number of ED treatments are now available. For example, a considerable number of men buy Viagra. Containing sildenafil, this medicine can be used to manage at least two-thirds of ED cases and you can request prescriptions for Viagra and other ED treatments online by visiting trusted websites such as Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor. However, it’s also important to address the underlying causes of this condition and doctors often recommend lifestyle changes, such as healthy eating and losing weight.

2. Helps you sleep more soundly

Tucking into healthy meals can also help people to sleep more soundly. This is because it lowers the risk of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), a condition whereby the walls of the throat relax and narrow during sleep and cause normal breathing to be interrupted. During episodes of OSA, a lack of oxygen triggers people’s brains to pull them out of deep sleep, either to a lighter slumber or to wakefulness. After falling back into deep sleep, further episodes can take place. In severe cases, OSA can disrupt sleep around once every one or two minutes throughout the night.

Excessive body fat caused by an unhealthy diet is a major risk factor for this condition. It increases the bulk of soft tissue in the neck, which in turn places a strain on the throat muscles. Excessive stomach fat can also lead to breathing difficulties that can exacerbate OSA.

3. Keeps you looking younger
heaqlthy eating
There is now a dizzying array of anti-ageing products out there for you to choose from. However, one of the most effective ways to keep your skin looking young and healthy is to watch what you eat and healthy eating. By consuming the correct balance of foods, you’ll ensure your skin has all the nutrients it needs to stay supple and soft.

Plenty of fruit and vegetables are essential. Containing powerful antioxidants, these foods will help to protect your skin from the cellular damage caused by free radicals. Look out for products containing lots of vitamin C, such as blueberries, oranges, kiwi fruits, strawberries, broccoli and sweet potatoes. Vitamin E is vital too. It protects skin from cell damage and supports healthy growth. Foods high in this vitamin include hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds and avocados.

Another top tip is to avoid crash diets. Often short in essential vitamins, these eating regimes can lead to the rapid losing and gaining of weight, which in turn can cause your skin to sag, wrinkle and develop stretch marks.