How to build healthy habits

We all try different things to improve different aspects of our lives – whether it’s to get healthy, boost our confidence, impress others or just doing for the sake of doing. When it comes to building healthy habits, we need to be open to being challenged and willing to try out new things.

Developing healthy habits will have you automatically creating the right fitness routines and nutritious food choices. You won’t hesitate to exercise. You won’t think twice about eating greens and fruits. And never again will you fantasize about getting enough rest.

Once you have decided on what habit you want to create, make a promise to stay motivated. When it comes to building new habits, research shows that chance of success increases by 33% if it is shared with others and by up to 72% if money is put on the line. Promise or Pay is an online social motivation platform that helps you develop healthy behaviours by donating money to charity if you don’t follow through, and encouraging others to donate if you succeed.

healthy habits

What makes this awesome is that regardless of the outcome money is donated to charity!
 Keep your promise and your Supporters donate. Break your promise and you donate. It’s win-win!

Promise or Pay motivates you towards the healthy lifestyle of your dreams, while creating a more engaging, personal and empowering way to donate to charities that make a better world. Your one promise can make a huge difference. What will yours be?

The first step towards is to critically evaluate your current behaviour without judgement. Discover the core reasons as to why you do what you do. For example why do you choose to eat what you eat?

Here are some questions to ask to gauge finicky behaviour and help you build healthy habits.

1. What do I want in my life?

Be honest with yourself. This will give you a direction to follow.

2. How will new healthy habits benefit people around me?

( a ) Other people are a big part of our lives. We don’t live by ourselves and we will never evolve by isolating ourselves from others. With this in mind, try to visualize how other people will benefit from your new lifestyle.

( b ) Quit smoking and you’ll instantly improve the health of those around you

( c ) Eating health food is an excellent example to set for your kids.

( d ) You can even ask close friends or family members their thoughts and how they specifically think they would benefit. Pay attention to their answers. They might even give you insights for habits that you haven’t even considered.

3. What are the direct benefits of having healthy habits?

Improved heart pressure, more energy to work and play, better skin colour, less stress and a stronger immune system are just some. Make a list specific to your new habit and revisit it whenever the going gets tough.

4. What are the costs of not having healthy habits?

Try to measure the costs of continuing along your current path. What is the opportunity cost of not forgoing the change you are considering? Is your excuse good enough?

5. How can I start today?

Think about an easy and quick way to start today. It can be anything, from drinking more water to going for a morning walk. Making a promise will maintain your motivation through peer motivation and accountability, which will enhance your chances of success.

healthy habits

Once you are clear on the reasons for your intended change, achieving your health and fitness goals is all about implementing healthy behaviours on a regular basis. Whatever habit you choose remember to focus on the short term and start small.

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