How to Live A Healthy Lifestyle

There is a lot being said by health experts these days about how to live a healthy lifestyle, but what exactly do those words mean?

Some attributes of leading a healthy lifestyle are generally well known in that a healthy person doesn’t smoke, drinks alcohol in moderation, is not overweight, keeps to a healthy nutritious diet and exercises to keep fit. It sounds easy enough but there is more to it than that.

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How to live a healthy lifestyle may only involve a few simple healthy changes to your life such as these:-

You can make small changes to diet such as adding fruit and nuts to your cereal breakfast, keeping yourself properly hydrated during the day by drinking several glasses of water – just a few simple ways you can start living healthy without making major changes to your daily routine.

Lack of activity is one of the major health problems in the western world. It is common knowledge that exercise is good for all of us but many avoid it either because they are used to a sedentary lifestyle or afraid that exercise has to be very energetic for any health benefits to be achieved. In reality however, movement is movement and the more body activity you do, the healthier you will be. Simple everyday moderate activities like household chores, walking and gardening can make a huge difference.

Here are some of the health benefits you can achieve by being active in your life:

Reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes
Improved joint stability
Increased and improved range of movement
Helps maintain flexibility as you age
Maintains bone mass
Prevents osteoporosis and fractures
Improves mood and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression
Enhances self esteem
Improves memory in elderly people
Reduces stress

For those wishing to enjoy a healthy lifestyle I have included below pictures from my Pinterest account which details advice I am giving to my readers. Click HERE  for details.

Click HERE for pictures of my favorite foods that I eat to help me enjoy a healthy diet and a ‘ healthy lifestyle ‘:-

I have included some very useful health advice charts which provide some great tips on proper nutrition and exercise which should help people lead a healthy lifestyle. Check these out HERE

jk1Keep fit and enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

James Kelly

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