Six Natural and Safe Ways To Treat Stress

It is quite natural that everybody wants to lead a stress-free life. However stress disorders are not easily cured and you need safe, effective and natural ways to treat stress. The treatment should be the one that is capable of breaking the effects of the disorder so that you can live a happier and more stress-free life. Some people resort to prescription medicines, but mental health medications have significant hazards and they are considerably addiction jeopardy. That is why so many people wish for a way to treat the condition naturally. Fortunately, there are numerous options to treat stress in a natural way. When people consider easy and natural ways to treat stress, they visualize massage and herbal treatments, as they are considered safe and do not create any side effects. Following are some of the natural and easy ways to treat this condition safely and successfully.

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Top Six Natural and Safe Ways To Treat Stress

1. Best foods to deal with stress

When it comes to fighting stress levels, what you consume may actually assist you in relieving your stress. Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach include folate, which manufactures dopamine, a chemical that induces pleasure in your brain and keeps you calm. These vegetables also assist greatly in lowering the risk of sadness symptoms. Adding more green vegetables in your daily meal will make you calm, happy, and active. Usually, any leafy green vegetables will assist in creating a constructive mood, by reducing the stress. Other best foods for stress relief include oatmeal, yogurt, salmon, blueberries, pistachios, etc.

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2. Massage therapy

Virtually, all disorders, including stress can be treated easily and effectively through a massage treatment, which is something to be expected since it is a discipline practiced through centuries, with Hong Kong massage experts being among most successful today. This therapy can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, loosen up your muscles and can boost the manufacture of endorphins, a chemical that makes your body feel good. Moreover, dopamine and Serotonin are released, as well, through massage, and the effect is a sense of calm relaxation. This makes the habitual or chronic as well as a severe or short-period stress much easier to defeat. You will also look, feel, and be healthier by adding a therapeutic massage to your routine. Actually, only stress relief can perk up your vitality and mood.

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3. Valerian herb root

It is the effective herb for treating stress naturally, as it offers immense relief from the stress symptoms. It is used as a sleep support, and its effects are perfect for those with several sleep disorders, including a sense of agitation, muscle tension, and active thoughts. It offers a level of rest that can assist you to sleep more peacefully, too. As the sleep is a vital part of addressing stress, this makes the root an ideal option to address the disorder.

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4. Kava herb

This herb is the king among many treatments that naturally treat stress. It is the only herb, which has been positively compared in medical studies to some of the most renowned prescription stress therapies. This herb consists of an active ingredient called kavalactones, which is supposed to perk up the GABA levels and put off epinephrine from overpowering the body, at the same time as leaving serotonin and other vital neurotransmitters untouched. The herb is safe to use and as it is fat soluble, it needs to be used with butter or food. The recommended dosage of this herb ranges from 150 to 300 kavalactones per day.

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5. Meditation and breathing techniques

The resource of stress is more frequently a psychological state as against a physical state. Meditation in combination with breathing techniques has considerable stress lessening features, which is the best way to control, relax, and make the mind stronger. Involving yourself in meditation for just an hour a day will assist you greatly in having a stress-free day.

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6. Physical Activity

Last on our list and most certainly not the least is physical activity and exercise. Implementing any form of physical activity is bound to reflect positive on your stress reduction and health in general. Key here are endorphins, widely known as feel “good chemicals”, which are produced and released to bloodstream by our brains while participating in exercise and pushing our bodies beyond everyday limits. It is worth mentioning that your exercise practices does not have to be of high intensity, but rather steady and regular. Easy jogging sessions, walks in nature or cycling through nature few times per week will greatly boost your mental and physical health.

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Of course suggested methods above are just the tip of an iceberg, as there is no boundary to the amount of natural treatments that exist in the world today. Since success in reduction of stress levels is something that is unique for each individual, it is up to you to find method, or even better the combination of few methods that is most fitting to you.

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