Bodybuilding workouts for men

A lot of bodybuilders have a wrong notion about bodybuilding workouts. Many are there who tend to isolate some particular group of muscle while exercising. In most of the gyms it is seen that men and women are sitting at several machines pumping and pulling irons that tends to isolate the triceps, back muscles or the biceps. However, such isolation exercises are not wrong, but the compound exercises tend to function more effectively for men who are into bodybuilding.

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Many of these bodybuilders are simply bored or frustrated with the type of exercise they do. This is mainly because the exercise routine they follow fails to procure the desired result. Some of the beginners are also confused about what to do first in the gym.

Whatever might be the scenario here are some most common bodybuilding workouts that are effective for men.

Volume training

These types of workouts are generally self explanatory. In such volume trainings the muscles of a man are trained putting a lot of volume onto them. In this way the blood gets pumping through the muscle and makes them work harder. The body will then gradually repair the muscles and make them stronger and bigger. In general a workout instructor will ask you to use a repetition range to 8-12 times for 3-4 exercises for each muscle. This is in fact the most popular form of workouts for men.

Strength training

Just like volume training, strength training exercises are also explanatory. Generally men are asked to work in a lower rep range in case of strength training. The set of exercise is more, near about 5 sets per exercise but the rep range is near about 1-5 reps. this is another common but great bodybuilding workout for men. One should always keep in mind that a bigger muscle will tend to be the stronger one.

bodybuilding workouts

Compound exercises

Compound exercises are the most favorite workout program of men. The common forms of compound exercises are bench press, military press, deadlift, bent-over row and pull-ups. Bench press is a hot favorite of most workout freaks. This can be performed effectively with the help of dumbbells or a barbell by lying down on a mat. However, as the very name suggests it is good to use a bench to lie down.

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Military press is perfect for shoulder exercise. This can be performed with the help of two dumbbells or a barbell. It helps in the exercise of rotator cuffs and traps of the shoulder.This can be performed either by standing or sitting.

Deadlift is the best among the bodybuilding workouts for the forearms, the hamstrings, the glutes, the hips, the quadriceps, the trapezius, the middle back and the lower back. This is also a great form of compound movement as the legs should be spread shoulder wide while doing this activity.

The two most popular bodybuilding exercises mentioned above forms near about 80% of all types of bodybuilding trainings. It is seen that alteration between these two types of trainings helps to put on ample quantity of muscle mass faster.


When carrying out bodybuilding workouts, it is important that you wear the right clothes and shoes. Make sure the clothes will allow your body to move easily and that the shoes are comfortable enough to keep you well balanced during your workout program.

If you are not working out at a gym you may need some help in selecting the proper equipment to purchase for use in your workout program as well as guidance on the scope and nature of exercises to be carried out. Good quality equipment can be purchased at AMAZON and whilst there are numerous educational books on bodybuilding workouts and bodybuilding guides that can be purchased online I would recommend these top quality ones:-

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Keep fit and enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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