Yoga workout to improve vitality

When yoga first reached the West, many had a somewhat skeptical view of it. It appeared after all to be some form of Oriental sorcery, what with the bendy poses and rampant ravings about all of its prodigious benefits. Few thought at the time that a  ‘yoga workout’ could improve their vitality.

Thankfully, years have passed and we’re more educated on the subject of Eastern spirituality and healthy-living. In fact, we’re more than just educated; we’re converts.

Most of us have seen first hand how our daily lives benefit from a little yoga. For those who haven’t, or for those still seeking the glorious feeling of effervescence, I will help you with your yoga exercises.

Here are four stellar tips to help you achieve your desired vitality with the help of a yoga workout.


1. Always Stay Centred

yoga workout


One of the first things anybody is taught in a “yoga for beginners” class is the idea of centring. According to the yogic philosophy, all things are aligned, including energy, movement, and emotion.


During our day-to-day lives, our balance naturally moves away from this centre. Posture becomes weakened by stress, and emotions become fraught due to the stimulation of a fast moving world.


Yoga is more than exercise. It’s re-alignment. Yoga poses are designed to fix modern posture problems, and the meditative feeling that comes from specially designed movements is able to melt away stress and worry. The result is a feeling of wonderful exuberance and addictive freedom. That result is the result of realigning.


2. Stay Committed To Your Routine


What’s fascinating about ancient Eastern practices is their emphasis on discipline. This can be seen away from the yoga mat in meditation studios or martial arts classes.


A yoga workout is one the best routines that can possibly be incorporated. That’s probably why it’s officially recommended by health practitioners around the world for those suffering from depression and mental health problems. Learning yoga becomes more than just an occasional hobby practiced whenever one has time. It becomes the embracing of a philosophy; one that’s got your very best interests at the heart of it. This routine when developed helps with everything such as sleep, focus, and productivity. Out goes the old and in comes the new, better You.


3. Improve Your Physical Health With Regular Yoga Exercises


The Chinese icon Siddhārtha Gautama, also known as the Buddha, was a champion for mental discipline, but even he was quick to recognise the body’s role in wellness. Thankfully, yoga improves physical health naturally in a number of ways.


For example, yoga poses are great for detoxification, even better than many natural cleansers you’ll find on the shelves of your health store. It also promotes flexibility and strength.


A healthy body is essential to vitality. It’s often been said that it’s near impossible to have a healthy mind without one.


4. Reduce Stress By Focusing On Breathing


Stress is one of life’s biggest killers. This year 1 in 3 will experience regular levels of it higher than that recommended by psychiatrists. Yet stress is fairly easy to reduce when there’s a will to. Meditation and similar yogic practices have been doing so for thousands of years now. When asking yourself “what are the benefits of learning yoga?” remind yourself that lower stress is one, and a pretty big one at that.


One of the most important ways yoga reduces stress is by the correction of breathing. Most have the tendency to take short, sharp breaths, which are an unnatural variant on correct breathing habits. Breathing should be done at a slower rate to ensure CO2 levels remain normalised, and should be done primarily from the diaphragm and not the stomach. That’s the healthy way, as well as the yogic one.


Summary – Vitality Is An Everyday Thing


Feeling good shouldn’t just be a once every so often thing; it should be an all-the-time thing.


Vitality is the combination of feeling physically healthy, mentally calm, and spiritually connected. Hopefully the above tips have made you realize, if achieving vitality is your goal, there’s no better place to begin than with a yoga workout.


If you are interested in learning yoga there are many reference books available on the internet which will teach you yoga poses to improve vitality in your lives. Two that I have found to personally benefit me are ‘Brilliant Yoga‘ and ‘Clubbell Yoga – Primal 12


James Kelly

High Wycombe, Western Australia, 6057