What causes a stroke and how to avoid getting one?

Strokes are also known as cerebrovascular insult (CVI), brain attack or cerebrovascular accident (CVA). There are two main types of strokes; ischemic and hemorrhagic. Here are what causes a stroke.

what causes a stroke

What causes a stroke?

A stroke is caused mainly when there is poor blood flow to the brain which results in cell death. As told before the two types of strokes are caused due to lack of blood flow; ischemic and hemorrhagic is caused due to bleeding. They instantly result in that some part of the brain does not work properly and causes a stroke. Immediate help is recommended and a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible, because if the stroke prevails, it results in death.


Signs and symptoms of a stroke;

The most common signs and symptoms of a stroke include the following;

  1. Numbness
  2. Bad smell, hearing, taste and blurry vision
  3. Inability to turn your head on one side
  4. Inability to walk properly
  5. Memory deficits
  6. Confused thinking
  7. Problems in understanding
  8. Severe headache
  9. Loss of consciousness

Signs and symptoms of a stroke usually start suddenly and in some cases do not progress further. These signs and symptoms depend on the area that has been affected in the brain. If the area affected is bigger, then there are more functions to be lost. This can cause severe damage and complete paralysis in some cases.


Prevention of strokes has become a serious concern all over the world from previous some years. It is an important public health concern that is being taken and discussed seriously. Modern and advanced machinery and medications are being introduced to overcome this major issue. Awareness is being generalized among the public to avoid strokes. Like decreasing smoking, drinking, improving diet, walk regularly etc. These are daily routine activities which if taken care of can lessen the percentage of having strokes. Some main prevention measures are as follows;

  • Blood Pressure;

High blood pressure accounts  for 35-50% of stroke situations. If taken good care of through medication or lifestyle changes, strokes can be avoided easily to enable one to live a long and healthy life. Blood pressures can also be a major cause of heart strokes also.

  • Blood Lipids;

One of the major causes of ischemic strokes is blood lipids. Statin is lipid lowering drugs that has been introduced because other drugs did not show decrease in the risks of getting a stroke. Statins have been recorded to reduce the risks of a stroke by 15%.

  • Diet;

Nutrition plays a vital role in lowering the risks of strokes. According to research Mediterranean style diet has the ability and potential to decrease the risk of having a stroke by half.


In March 2009 I had the unfortunate experience of having a stroke which temporarily affected my eyesight. After undergoing CT and MRI scans and numerous tests in the Cardiology, Ophthalmology and Neurology departments at a local hospital I was finally given a clean bill of health with the Neurologist commenting that I had been lucky in getting a stroke in a ‘good area’ of the brain where there were no vital functions. However to avoid getting subsequent strokes, anyone of which could have proved fatal, I was put on a stroke management medication regime which consisted of taking daily doses of tablets for blood thinning, cholesterol  and blood pressure as well as maintaining a sensible diet and exercise program. Following this course of action I have since managed to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Conclusion – What causes a stroke;

Take good care of your health and maintain your diet in order to have a good, healthy and stabled life. Make a proper diet chart and do follow it. It will help you daily by keeping you active and do have a regular morning walk. Have a blessed life and Good Luck!

James Kelly


High Wycombe, Western Australia, 6057


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